A Helping Hand…

The first thought that popped into my head when I read a post to my blog topic of watching porn was, yeah, I’ll give you a helping hand…I’ll grab a hold of your cock and squeeze it so tight, yank on it until you beg me to stop…and then I’ll milk your balls until you’re crying like a little baby…please, Mistress, please don’t milk my balls!!!

Give you a helping hand…first and foremost, I don’t “give” anything to anyone…you have to earn whatever it is you’re seeking from me. If you’re seeking some sexual relief from one of my incredible hand jobs, okay, that’s one way I can “give” you a helping hand…but again, my first and foremost response is I’ll yank on your cock so hard I’ll have you down on your knees begging me to stop, begging me to stop yanking on your cock…begging me to stop giving you such a “helping” hand!!!!

I have to admit, I amuse myself with some of the wild and dastardly thoughts that pop into my head when I read some ignorant SOB’s blasay post to one of my blog topics, yeah, I’ll give you a helping hand…I’ll have your naked body all cinched up, your cock and balls tied so tight you hope they’ll fall off really soon because the pain is so excruiating…

WOW, where did all that thought process come from?????? Do ya think the winter weather might be straining my normally sweet and demure persona a bit???????

A Helping Hand…WTF!!!!!

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