It’s Monday…

Enough with the snow already!!!  I saw on the local news last night that area schools are closed again today…I’m telling you all, we need to learn how to cope with this white crap and get on with our daily lives!!!

I’m anxious to see how the payroll at my law firm shapes up on this pay period…right now as the policies stand, I will be docked for 2 snow days from last week…though I couldn’t get to the office a total of 3 days, I get 1 snow day according to the office policies and the other 2 will have us at the mercy of the goofy-assed attorney that created the dumb-ass attendance policies!!!

I need to move along, I’m hoping to get to the office before 9:00 a.m.  I’m having a friend take me to work as I simply don’t want to get my car out in this stuff, nor do I want to risk my car at the parking garage I park in…the snow plows were supposed to have cleaned downtown up some more this past weekend, but from the looks of the news casts and such, doesn’t look like much was accomplished.

I am definitely not going to go to walking group tonight…if they have it…I have a feeling they will cancel this week as we are due to get more snow tomorrow (Tuesday) night into Wednesday…I have to make myself get on the treadmill this week!!!

Time to hit the shower, no more leisurely snow days for this old gal!!!

Have a great Monday!!!

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