Shovelin’s All Done…

The shovelin’s all done, at least for now…or until later in the week. I’m pretty tickled with myself, the roof is relieved of a small portion of the snow load…at least, there is some serious melting occuring, the gutters are working and the run-off is moving along nicely.

Now, I can get all cozy and warm, do a little laundry, catch-up on my mail, my reading…oh, and there’s the Super Bowl later this afternoon. Honestly, I could careless who wins…I’ve enjoyed watching some of the pre-game fastivities, seeing all the stars that are in attendence, listening to the various interviews and reflections of Super Bowls past…that stadium down in Texas, Jerry’s World is something else. I hope I get a chance to get down there in the near future…

Yep, the shovelin’s done, time to tackle some projects inside.

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