A Reprint…Revisiting A Scene From Last Year…

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a man that I had a brief exchange and experience with this time last year.  The experience I had with this man came right before my dad had his catastrophic stroke and heart attack, eventually dying in mid-March.  I heard from this man a couple of more times but my heart and mind were not into venturing further with this man or exploring any further other than the one experience, which I will share once again as a reprint/repost of that fun and exciting adventure…enjoy!!


I read and reread His ad. For some reason, the thought of enduring a bare-assed, over-the-knee spanking turned me on like nothing else. I decided to respond to His ad, I wanted to begin a dialog and see where this would go. I wanted to know more, my pussy was so freaking hot and wet!

I liked the idea of a somewhat anonymous type sexual experience…for some reason, I knew that somehow, this Man could bring into fruition, what I was seeking in this particular situation, this particular experience…or did He really know?  I think I was more intrigued with how I could take the scene and turn the power exchange around on Him.  Our e-mail exchange went well, He was intrigued by my apparent knowledge of a discipline scene and the fact that I knew what I wanted out of the initial part of the scene.  He tried to convey a most “non-sexual” scene, which was the most attractive feature of the whole scene to me…to take a scene that was meant as a strict, discipline scene and turn it to accomodate my sexual desires…oh yes, I could instantly see and yes, feel the sexual tension, as well as I knew, I knew I would get the sexual fulfillment that I was seeking out of the scene.

After a brief exchange of e-mails, the scene was set.   The details decided upon, the date and time set.  I was sent my “instructions” by Him…I was all set for the challenge before me.

All I could envision was going to a random office somewhere in one of those little office parks. It was a rainy day or like today, cold, wet and snowing, there was little to no traffic around. I pull into the parking lot and park in front of His office door. I took a deep breath and another quick look in the mirror to make sure everything was as it should look.

I hurried to the door of the office and opened the door. He had no receptionist, He was a one-man operation. I could hear Him in the other room, His inner, main office.

“Is that you Victoria?” He asked from the distance.

“Yes, yes, it is Victoria,” I replied. I took off my coat and put it on the reception chair nearest His main office door. He came to the inner office door and stood there.

“Come on in, my dear. It’s time for your session,” He told me. I left the coat on the chair and entered the inner office. He went and locked the door to the outside of the building, locking me in. I was so sexually charged, so turned on…I could hardly stand there and wait on Him to return. I set my purse on one of the chairs in front of His massive oak desk. I stood there and waited for Him to join me. He came in and shut the inner office door behind Him. He touched my arm as He turned the other chair in front of His desk around to face me where I was standing.

“Stand right here, Victoria,” He instructed me. I turned more to face Him. “I see you’re wearing a nice dress as I requested. What about underneath the dress? Are you wearing the panties and thigh high hose I instructed you to wear?”

“Yes, Sir, I am,” I replied. He reached out and touched my arm, pulling me to Him. His fingers lingered at the hem of my dress.

“You know I’m going to check to see if you’re wearing specifically what I asked you to wear?” He half-asked, half told me.

“Yes, Sir, I know you will check to see if I did as I was told,” I replied. The fingers on His left hand lifted the hem of my dress exposing what was underneath. He studied the panties I had on,as well as the thigh highs. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing. I knew the crotch of my panties had to be soaked by now…I ached to have Him touch me, touch my pussy, feel my wetness.

“Well, you got the thigh highs right, but these aren’t the panties I specifically instructed you to wear. What explanation do you have for me?” He insisted. I felt my face grow hot. I couldn’t have put on the wrong panties. He specifically told me He wanted me to wear the black, lace, silk, French cut panties, that’s what I had on.
“I don’t understand, Sir. You told me to wear the Black, lace, French…”

“No, I told you to wear the red ones. I gave you three pairs of panties exactly alike when we met for lunch and I told you that I would let you know what pair I wanted you to wear today. I specifically told you to wear the RED panties today,” He said with a very stern, almost fierce tone to His voice.

“Yes, Sir,” I said and started to tremble. What in the world? I wasn’t scared of this Man, I knew He had told me to wear the black panties, but now He had changed His mind and I was supposed to be wearing the red panties. Good grief, was there no pleasing this Man?

“You must suffer the punishment, dear Victoria, for not following my instructions explicitly. You realize you must make good on your transgression?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

“Hold your dress up so I can take your panties off of you,” He instructed me. I took the hem of my dress, holding it up so He had full access to pulling my panties down.

He took his time and placing His fingers in the elastic waist band of my black panties, He very slowly began to pull the panties down. I sucked in a breath; I was so fucking turned-on I was about to orgasm right there standing before Him, on Him. I could feel His warm breath on my bare abdomen…how could He not smell my sex? I was so wet, so hot!  I wanted Him to run His fingers between my legs,I wanted Him to touch my womanly delights.  I wanted Him to fuck me, fuck me anyway He wanted and could…

I felt myself trembling,I couldn’t control my trembling.  I was so turned on, I felt as though I were having an out-of-body experience.

He pulled my panties down to my knees and then down to my ankles.

“Step out of the panties, Victoria,” He told me. I obeyed. There I was standing before Him in His office…I was holding my dress up to expose my now bare pussy and ass, my thigh highs exposed…and, I was still wearing my high-heeled shoes. I don’t know when I’ve felt so exposed, embarrassed, yet so turned on!

“Come here, Victoria,” He instructed. He placed the panties on His desk and was now sitting with His knees together.  He pulled me to the side of His legs.

“Bend over, Victoria, bend over my lap,” He said. I began to bend over His lap while His hands moved to place me right where He wanted me. “That’s a girl, yes, lay with your full weight across My legs.” I did as I was told. I could feel my womanly juices running down the insides of my thighs. I wanted Him to touch my pussy, touch me, make me cum…

He placed His left hand on my shoulder blades as though to hold me down and then I felt His right hand resting just on the middle of my ass cheeks. And then before I knew it what was happening, He spanked my bare ass cheeks with a firm hand…the sound was deafening but thoroughly electric. The pain was instant but it hurt so good…another smack of His hand.  I couldn’t help but flinch and jump…first one ass cheek then the other received one firm spank after another. I was wiggling and squirming as He administered each spank. I felt the tears fill my eyes…I felt my pussy throbbing with excitement, with the agony of needing a sexual release…

“Let it all out, Victoria, let go,” He told me with a softer tone to His voice. I was so close to orgasm I could taste it…I felt His hard cock pressing into my belly…surely He wanted me as much as I wanted Him right this very minute, right?

Another spank on first one ass cheek and then the other…the rhythm was intoxicating…my ass was on fire, my pussy was on fire…I was in pure spanking heaven or is that spanking Hell?

“Do you understand why you’re being spanked, Victoria?” He asked quietly as He continued to paddle my bare behind with His hand.

“Yes, Sir,” I managed to choke out my reply.

“Do you want a release, Victoria?” He asked.

“Yessss, yes, Sir,” I managed to mumble.

“What my dear? I don’t believe I heard you?” He asked a little more stern. Another spank on my bare bottom…

“Yes, Sir, I want a release,” I replied where He could hear me.

“Good, girl,” He said and I felt His hand slip between my legs. I felt His fingers inserting into my hot, swollen, wet pussy…He began to finger fuck me, my ass cheeks on fire from my bare-assed spanking…I was in heaven, fuck my pussy, yes fuck my pussy!

“That’s a girl, give it to Me, give me that orgasm,” He said in a wicked voice. It didn’t take me long to obey…
“Please, Sir, May I cum?” I managed to ask as I tried to hold off cumming on His fingers…I could feel my insides pulsing…I was on the edge about to tupple over into orgasmic bliss…

“Yes, you may, Victoria,” He told me as He fucked my pussy with His fingers. And there I was…I fell over that orgasmic cliff and into the throes of my full-body orgasm…it felt like He had His whole hand inside of my pussy…I felt full and so fabulous, my whole body shaking and twitching in response…I could hear myself hollering, Yes, YES YES!!!  He fucked me with his whole hand in my pussy…I felt so full and I knew He could feel each and every one of my vaginal spasms…my pussy juices were flowing…I came, I came hard on His hand…I began to push His arm, pushing His hand out of my drippy, spasming pussy…I quivered and shuddered, I had orgasmed hard…I was still floating on that orgasmic bliss…but I wanted MORE!!!!

I was moaning and groaning, wiggling and squirming on His lap, wave after wave of the after shocks of my orgasm washing over me as He held me firmly on His lap. My bare ass dancing around until I finally had given all I had to give.

I don’t know how long I laid across His lap…I finally gathered my wits enough to ask permission to get up.

“Permission granted Victoria,” He told me as He helped me up off of His lap. His hand was covered in my pussy juices. He sat there with a wicked smile on His face.

“Now, Victoria, lick my fingers amd hand clean,” He instructed me. “Get down on your knees before me and lick My hand and fingers!” I did as I was told. I took His hand in my mine and began to lick my pussy juices from His fingers. He reached around with His other hand and pulled my dress up again to reveal my bare ass. I could feel the heat still lingering there from my spanking. I loved the taste of my juices on His fingers and hand. I wanted to please Him as He had pleasured me.

He then pushed me back and pulled my chin up to look at Him.

“Now, Victoria, I want you to suck my cock. I want you to make love to My cock with your mouth. Can you do that?” He asked. I was ecstatic, I wanted to see His cock, I wanted to suck His cock, I wanted to take His load of cum in my mouth and swallow every drop! He had never bared Himself to me before, this was an ultimate treat. I sat back on my heels and waited for Him to stand up and unzip. I was so thirsty for His jism…I could feel my own excitement growing again!

He unzipped and then dropped His trousers and then ever so slowly lowered His boxers to reveal a raging hard-on. He let His trousers and boxers fall to the floor and then He sat back down in His chair. He positioned himself where His ass cheeks were on the edge of the chair allowing His hard cock an optimal angle.

“Now, suck me, Victoria, suck my cock,” He commanded. I took to my task immediately…I took His hard shaft in my hand and began to lick up and down the shaft, licking around the rim, taking the whole head of His cock into my mouth. He had a nice sized cock, though it seemed to be swelling with each flick of my tongue. I wanted to please Him; I wanted to show Him I was good cock-sucker.

I could feel my pussy growing hot again, I sucked the best I could, I made love to His cock with my tongue and mouth…I wanted to taste Him, I wanted His load of cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste Him!

His hips started moving ever so slightly and then His hips started thrusting forward into my hot, little mouth.

“You have a wicked mouth, Victoria, suck My cock, bring My boiling load of cum up from My balls,” He hissed at me as I continued sucking His cock like there was no tomorrow. I applied more sucking pressure…a technique that I had found to be most effective…I held His cock with one hand while I dipped my fingers into my hot, wet pussy, covering my fingers with my juices.  Having lubed up my fingers, I then found His ass crack just over the edge of the chair, while holding onto His cock with my hungry mouth, I began to feel into His crack to find His ass hole…it didn’t take me long to work first one finger and then the other into His ass crack and then into His ass hole. I then began to suck harder on His cock while I inserted my finger into His ass hole moving my finger to massage His prostate. I had no sooner found the magic spot when He grabbed my head and held me down on His hardness…I felt His legs tense and then the hot splash of His jism filling my mouth and throat.

I sucked every drop out of Him. I removed my finger and sat back as He sat back in the chair trying to regain some composure. I stood up and went over to the sink at the far end of the office and washed my hands. Then I picked up my purse and headed to the door. I never said a word, I unlocked the door and let myself out. I left Him there, completely spent in the chair.

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