A New Possibility…

I’ve come across a man on one of the adult sex sites I have a profile on that I think has potential.  I’m trying not to get too excited because every time I do, I am sorely disappointed.  This guy is originally from England…been in the U.S. for years…has been active in the swinging lifestyle for years.  Currently lives in OKC area but is willing to travel for the right woman…he’s a writer and a commercial real estate investor/advisor…he’s a recovering alcoholic, attends meetings regularly…writes a good e-mail…seems eager to meet face-to-face…how do I feel about this possibility?  I’m excited but cautious.  Would he be a good fit for what I’m seeking in a man, with a man?  That’s always the million dollar question…

Will he be all that I hope he’ll be sexually?  Will he fit without becoming an intrusion? He’s awfully interested in attending a swinging event or party…which is fine, but a little bit ahead of the game.  He’s hoping to find a woman that will introduce him to “her” friend and want him to fuck her friend and her friend watch him fuck…again, a little ahead of the game…while this scenario is definitely within my abilities to bring into fruition, I’ve got to try him out before I introduce him to any of my friends or intimate swinging group.  I did tell him that I’m not a jealous woman so if my friend(s) would like to fuck him, I would enjoy watching and joining in…again, ahead of the game.

He mentioned having to come to Tulsa in the next week or so with a business partner…I am debating whether or not I would take off of work to go and meet him somewhere…as well as even bring him home to try him out…with the weather predictions for this next week, it may not be anything I really need to give serious thought to…

I have had thoughts of what does his cock look like, does he shave his cock and balls?  Can his cock get real good and hard…I know I can provide the necessary inspiration…but can he keep me sexually inspired? 

He sent me his latest manuscript that is currently at the publisher due to come out here in the next few months…I can’t get into it, it’s a drama-suspense type story…It’s over 100 pages, not sure when I will be able to tackle that reading and give him my impression…

So, I’ve got a potential fuckbuddy in the works…time will tell if this guy is “worthy!”

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