Saturday Accomplishments…

I got the driveway all cleared again…doesn’t look like we’ll get any more significant snowfall until about Tuesday into Wednesday of this next week…I got a start on the snow on my roof, I’m hoping tomorrow will warm up enough to melt some more of it…I don’t know if getting the ladder out and raking off more snow will do any good but that’s a possibility for tomorrow.

I’ve had an interesting e-mail exchange with a new friend, a potential fuck-friend…we’ll see how it goes, so far, so good.

I feel I accomplished quite a bit for my Saturday…I’m going to try and get some work done by remote, if I can get it to work…that should help make up some hours of work from the snow days.

Even now as I head off to bed, the temperature is 37 degrees…definitely a plus as far as I’m concerned…I’d love to see another day of temps above 32 degrees before plumeting again as we head into the work week.

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