It’s Snowing AGAIN!!!!!

Dear Gawd,

What in the Hell is going on???? Another 3 to 4 inches today!!! Seriously, enough is enough!!! All the hard work of shoveling off my driveway is now covered with a couple of inches of the white stuff…I’m distressed over the pile of snow on my roof…I was just outside wondering if I should try and get my big ladder out tomorrow and the leaf blower and try to blow some of that damned snow off of my roof!!!

There’s so much snow, I just don’t think it will all be melting any time soon…a couple of weeks, three weeks…Hell, at this rate, we’ll have snow on the ground until well into March!!!

I know, I know, a couple of days of 50 degrees plus will help get rid of most of it…but when is that going to happen? Tonight when I was listening to the weather, there’s supposed to be about another 2 to 3 inches tonight…then a slight warming trend into the 40s, then more snow on Sunday…then more snow on Wednesday of next week…Enough, already, enough!!!!

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