Test Drive…

With the driveway all cleared of the snow and most of the ice…I ventured forth to the nearby grocery store. I only got stuck once…managed to rock it back and forth and free myself, continuing on up the big hill and over to the store…

The store had the milk I like, and I was able to replenish my Diet Dr. Pepper supply. The parking lot was crazy, just a small area had been cleared.

The neighborhood was passible…though only one lane on most streets. I did see several SUVs that had slid into the curb corners, not sure what was up with all that but I trudged along in my Nissan Altima and made it back to my garage all safe and sound.

I was traumatized just enough from that little trip to the grocery store that I decided I would just wait until tomorrow to go into the office. I was tired and sore from all the shoveling…traumatized from the traffic and slipping and sliding that was going on on the main thorough fares/streets…thank you very much, I’ll just get a good night’s rest and head in tomorrow!!! Nothing like a two day work week to make one’s life complete. I’ll more than likely get docked for 2 of the 3 snow days that have occurred…but that’s life. Interestingly enough, none of my attorneys have been texting or calling me, demanding my presence at the office like the other girls. Not sure what to think about that…

Time for a bite of dinner and catch my TV shows before calling it a day/night!!!

I survived my “test drive”…tomorrow is going to be an interesting day to say the least!!!

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