Snow Day #3…

I’ve got the driveway half-way dug out. Not sure what good that will do to get it completely cleaned off when the streets are as deep as my driveway, especially right in front of my driveway, so even if I get the driveway cleared, I am NOT going to dig out the streets in front of my house and side of my house to try and go into work.

I did get texts from the two young girls that I sit next to and both are in the office today. Their bosses insisted they come in. One boss went and got the one gal that sits next to me yesterday and today…the other gal got her live-in boyfriend who has a truck to bring her in…that gal’s attorney started calling her giving her shit because she didn’t make it in the first day while it was still snowing. She drives a Mustang so there was no way she would be able to get around in this stuf.

I’m fortunate, three of my five attorneys don’t expect me to be in until I can get there and feel okay about it. None of them have a SUV so they haven’t offered to come and get me…I’m trying to console myself but it is what it is…if I can’t get out of my own driveway, how in the world would I be able to get into the office?

I’ve called in everyday and left a voicemail for my main attorney. I don’t have his cell phone number in my phone or I would call him or text him. I’ve called and texted with the other two and they are fine with it all. It is what it is…the name of the game is to be safe.

I’m waiting for the sun to come out a bit more before I get back out on the driveway…the temperature is only 3 degrees and it feels every bit that cold!!!

I’m so frustrated because I do take pride in my attendance…this snow is really screwing with every portion of my being!!!

Snow Day #3 underway!!!!

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