Snow Day#2…

Yes, cabin fever has set in…in fact, it settled in full force and effect about 3:30 p.m. yesterday when the snow finally stopped falling.

I don’t know how many times I went outside to sweep the snow off of my little green house, but that kept me busy and engaged so-to-speak with how much snow we got and how it wasn’t going anywhere due to the temps being way below freezing.

Today, well, there’s not much happening as far as traffic/traveling…watching the local news reports this morning…the snow isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon!!!  I honestly don’t think anything is going to change by tomorrow (Thursday)…with the temps below freezing, nothing and I mean NOTHING is going to thaw or melt away!!

If I worked all day to get my driveway shoveled of the snow from the garage to the street, I still wouldn’t be able to go anywhere…the drifts in the streets of my neighborhood are higher than my Nissan Altima…I would be stuck going into the street…if I could get it out in the street.  I can see my car half in the driveway and half in the street.  Then I look down the street and see two big pick-up trucks stuck cock-eyed in the street about a half a block away…apparently abandoned by someone that lives nearby…the snow is so high around it, it would have to be dug out before it will move again…I honestly don’t think I would get a block before my car would be stuck…what would be the point of trying to go anywhere if I already know what the outcome will be??

So, for now, I’m settling into the fact that I am here, stuck at home, nice, warm, safe…if my pay gets docked, so be it…I am NOT going to risk my life for a job that I can barely stand to get up and go to everyday, anyway!!!  If someone wants me in the office bad enough…they can come and get me, provide me a ride to the office and back.

When I did call in about 8:30 a.m. the phones were still on night voicemail…which means the office is basically shut down.  Doesn’t really matter, I’m not going in until I hear on the TV that the streets between here and my parking garage are safe for me to travel.

So, Snow Day #2 is here, I’m giving some thought to putting on my outdoor gear and accessing the situaiton on the outside of my house further.  One of my major concerns right now is all the snow on the southside of my roof.  I’ve been studying the inside ceiling making sure there are no cracks or leaks…I do wish that it would warm up some so that it would melt off of the roof…surely some of it will melt off today…

Okay, time for another cup of coffee and then bundle up and head outside for a little while.

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