Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

I decided to go to my 6:00 p.m. walking group training tonight. Let’s just say it was cold, cold, cold…but I did 2-miles…I was cozy in my wool-tech, ski socks that come clear to my knees…two pairs of work-out pants…a full workout job bra thing, a short-sleeved high neck Armour shirt with a long-sleeved Nike, high neck shirt with my long workout wind jacket with a hood…my fleece tech gloves, my fleece head-band…I headed out with the coach and one other gal and we did it…got 2-miles done in 35-minutes. My shins were screaming…but they were so cozy and snug in my ski socks…my feet were so toasty, I can honestly say I’m not worrying about my toes getting cold or frozen!!!

I’m trying to gear myself up to hit the treadmill the rest of this week…I’ve got to get busy and work on my stamina and distance…in between training evenings…amazing how much better I feel after the walks…it’s just getting there and doing it!!!

Of course, I decided I didn’t have enough bread, milk or eggs…okay, what in the Hell was I thinking????? None of the above at Super Walmart…eggs and bread at the nearby grocery store…but no milk. I’ve got a half-gallon but I was making hamburger helper tonight for dinner and needed 2 full-cups of milks, so I bought 2 little 16 oz. of milk to make my dinner.

I’ve got plenty of propane…so I have my little propane heaters if I loose electricity. My elderly neighbors told me to come over there with my little dogs if the power goes out. They have a gas fireplace and gas stove in the kitchen…I told them I would definitely let them know how I was doing.

Schools have already closed for tomorrow and we haven’t had any percipitation…so, I don’t know, I have a feeling when we get up in the morning, it’s going to be UGLY!!!!!

So, here I am, waiting, waiting, waiting for the mess to begin!!!!

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