Monday, The Last Day of January…

Wow, the final day of the month of January, 2011. Honestly, this month has gone by pretty slow, which it usually does since there aren’t any holidays my office closes for…some folks get a long weekend around Marting Luther King Day…not in the world of billable hours in a law office!!!! I think President’s Day is in February where the state and federal courthouses close, but again, not in the world of billable hours!!!

The BIG winter storm is looming somewhere out off of California, New Mexico…not really sure where it is coming from other than it is supposed to bring 10+ inches of snow, on top of a layer of ice…

I have walking group tonight unless the icy stuff starts and then they won’t make us walk. I didn’t do any walking this weekend, just couldn’t get my ass out and about…nor did I bother to get on my treadmill. I’ve got to dig in and get seirous about my training…difficult to do when the cold, ice and snow are headed this direction!!!

Time to hit the shower…have a great Monday ahead!!!!

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