Disturbing Weather Map…

I got a call from my brother asking me if I was ready for the winter storm headed in our direction. I mentioned that when I was out doing some errands, I noticed that there were big flats of rock salt with big snow shovels lined up next to the rock salt at the entrance of Home Depot, same for Sam’s…I didn’t think much of it as I already have a snow shovel…and if I can’t shovel my way out, rock salt isn’t going to help much…the last time I looked at the weather map, most of eastern/northeastern Oklahoma was under a Winter Storm Watch.

So, my brother informed me that I needed to take another look at the weather map because it was up-graded about noon today to a Winter Storm Warning. Good grief, visions of the horrific ice storm in 2008 came rushing back to me…I’m not going to panic, just make sure the propane tanks and heaters are accessible…my fireplace has never worked in my house, so that’s not a consideration. If my electricity goes out, I’m pretty much screwed. That means I need to get the ice chests where I can reach them to load them up should the power goes out…I’m not going to get all worked up and freaked out…other than I do hope walking training won’t make us walk on the ice and snow…once the temps go below 32, I remember reading that it really wasn’t good for you lungs to breath in extremely cold air…I experienced a mild case of that the first night of walking training when I couldn’t catch my breath all the way home…

So, the weather map is now mostly purple, as opposed to the bright blue…Winter Storm Warning…Winter Storm Warning…I’m just not feeling it!!!

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