What A Difference A Day Makes…

Wow, talk about temperature shock!!!  It was simply gorgeous yesterday…temps in the mid-70s, sunny, light southerly breezes…Today, the harsh north wind, temps reaching 40 degrees, maybe…yuck!!!!

I did thoroughly enjoy my Saturday.  I’m trying to get myself organized today and decide on how much running around I really want to do before settling in for the rest of the day and night.

I did enjoy the company of one of my favorite girlfriends.  A girlfriend that has no inkling of my alter-ego/life…a simple and vanilla, for lack of what else to call our friendship, friendship.  We shopped, we went to see Black Swan, we had a fun, one margarita dinner before calling it a night.  It was just simple fun.

Today, well, today I’m bracing for my upcoming work week, walking training in frigid temperatures, work…not much else going on other than responding to e-mails of guys that want pussy for the sake of sex.  It is exhausting how many fuckbuddy requests I get in a week’s time.  Friendship for friendship sake…sex for the sake of sex…all mean well, all with a common goal of getting some great sex with a woman that enjoys sex as much (maybe more) than they do…unfortunately, most are not interested after I share what and where my true interests lay.  Something for nothing…oh, that’s not entirely true, something for the sake of “friendship”…oh don’t get me wrong, some friendships are worth cultivating but there are always strings attached in some form or manner…

I do find it moderately entertaining how many men really think I should give them some pussy simply for the sake of giving up some pussy.  Those poor sex starved men, paying for the pussy they live with and not getting any of it!!!!  Why in the Hell would I want to give a limp-dicked man some pussy when he has very little to give to me, especially if he’s wanting it for free???????   I do enjoy providing the explanation as to why my “arrangement” works so well for us both…sometimes breaking down the logistics of what I offer helps, but for the most part, the men that contact me have to digest it all in small increments…it is too much for both of their “heads” to take it all in…I do wonder if the man on the other side of the e-mail exchange is sitting there jacking himself off while reading my notes and looking at my pics…if I’m going to provide ANYTHING for free, I like to think I provide masturbatory material.

I will admit, I am more disappointed more times than pleasantly surprised in some of these fuckbuddy quests…in other words, it’s one thing to talk the talk, quite another to step up and perform.  Interesting how that works, huh?????  =)) 95% of the men that I have decided to see if they are fuckbuddy worthy, are nothing but HUGE disappointments!!!  I know I can be an intimidating sex partner, but seriously did you think I was going to be satisfied with only oral stimulation…I can get all the satisfaction I want from my battery-operated toys if that is the case…anyway, I’ve grown quite cynical and sadistic when these guys seek my company just because they’re great guys!!!!  It really is very simple, if I wouldn’t socialize with you out in public, why would I want you in my bed for sex?????  Yes, I know, that’s brutal but life is brutal!!!

On a brighter side, I’m hoping my gal pal from Texas is still planning on coming/cumming to visit me in a little over a week. She mentioned coming to Tulsa on a Sunday which would be the Sunday after the upcoming Active Tulsans Group Meet and Greet, so I haven’t decided if I’m going to attend the M&G…I haven’t been to one in a while but then it’s been set on a weekend/Saturday night when I’ve already got other plans happening…so, I’m still undecided about attending February’s M&G.  I will be disappointed if she’s unable to make it…as well as a couple of my clients will be disappointed if she’s not able to make it…I’ll just take it as it comes.

What a difference a day makes…nothing like a tease of spring to get one’s blood to pumping, one’s mind to working…I am most interested to see what Mr. Groundhog has to say about how much more winter we will have to endure this next week…

Have a good week ahead!!!


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