Nothing like a Friday to motivate one to get up and around in the morning. Unfortunately, I’m not all that motivated.  I’m brain tired.  My young associate attorney is hungry for work and takes on way more than he’s capable of handling…his deal, farm it out to someone, which is fine on his end, on his secretary’s (me) end, I’m positively, literally and figuratively covered up with work.  Not a bad thing, but not a good thing either.  There’s supposed to be a happy medium in all this…

I did get a little bit of a reprieve as my Washington D.C. attorney was not able to make it out of D.C. due to the snow storm having dumped 10+ inches…he’s going to try and make it to Tulsa next week.  That will be fine with me.

So, walking training has a session tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 8:00 a.m. These running folks are fanatical, which is fine, I know how much I want to work at my exercise program…it might be interesting to get up, throw on my clothes and go do 3-miles in the morning…NOT. I’m trying to convince myself that going to Dillard’s to check out their 30% sale was getting some walking in…somehow, it’s just not getting there…but I did walk and calculate for a good 2-hours last night.  Which means I didn’t get in ANY walking and now I’ll have to make it up today and this weekend.  Monday is looking REALLY ugly for walking group…temps are supposed to nose dive down into the 20s again, with a wintry mix of sleet, ice, snow…won’t that be fun trying to get our 3-miles in slipping and sliding.  I know they will cancel if it is icy, so we’ll see…if it’s just cold, we will walk.

My favorite lunch buddy wants to go and see a movie tomorrow afternoon and maybe catch a movie.  We’re thinking we want to go see Black Swan…which a movie like that, is best for me to see during the daylight hours, though I’ve heard it will leave you thinking and wondering…so a movie and an early dinner sounds fun.  Other than that, I intend to catch up on my laundry, work on my walking and just brace myself for the next work week.

Have a good Friday.  I’m hoping to enjoy some of this unseasonably high temps…today is supposed to get up to 70 degrees!!!  Tomorrow a little cooler before the next winter front blows in…enjoy!!!

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