The temps today and tomorrow are supposed to be spring-like.  I hate when Old Man Winter teases us with a little bit of spring-like weather…just makes me count the weeks and days until I can leave my coat at home…gloves and ear muffs are such a pain to keep track of, but you can be sure I know where they are if I’m heading outside for whatever reason.

Walking training was good last night.  We did 3-miles at a good pace, not sure how fast or slow, but we went 3 full miles.  The first mile and a half were grueling because of my shins and then a stitch in my side, but I kept moving, pushing…the coach of our group was talking about having done the Disney Marathon a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, that sounds pretty daunting to me.  Maybe when I get back into shape and by the end of this 12-weeks I’m doing 6-miles, the longer distance races won’t seem so out-of-reach.  Honestly, I don’t want to do a marathon…half-marathon, maybe.  I guess I just can’t see myself dedicating the time to the training and how long it would take me to do the race…walking for 3-5 hours straight just doesn’t appeal to me…at least, not right now.  I am thinking I might want to do the full Tulsa Run, I can’t remember if it’s a 10k or s 15k but I can see myself doing a race of those lengths.

I’ve shed a few tears for a good friend, whose family dog died this week.  I am ever amazed at how deeply a family pet touches our hearts…at least, it touches mine.  Hearing of someone else’s dear dog having passed, well,  I can’t hold back the tears.  The emotions that jump up and out, it just creates such a sensitive place in me.  I know death is a life process and eventually happens to us all…but oh my goodness, loosing a dear pet just turns me into a blubbering puddle!!!

It’s been funny at work because all four secretaries and the receptionist have been questioning the “firm’s” snow day policy, sick and vacation day policies…I guess you could say I’m keeping it stirred…though it really is one of the younger secretaries whose attorney came up with the policies…just isn’t working for the girls, especially when this particular attorney was not going to sign his secretary’s time sheet allowing her to have a “paid” snow day.  Seriously, if you’re going to make up the policy, try to go through with it. Attorneys are the worst, there’s no doubt about it!!!

I was especially covered up with work yesterday…it is wearing on me how buys my associate attorney keeps me, then my main attorney…my Washington D.C. attorney didn’t make it out of D.C. due to the winter storm that blew in there yesterday…so, he’s going to try to make it to Tulsa today.  I sense he’s wanting to get back here and tackle some more work…which will definitely add to my immediate situation…I just feel covered up, but not overwhelmed…at least, not yet.

Time to hit the shower…have a great day ahead!!!

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