Work In Progress…

I’ve embarked on a serious diet and exercise program this week.  I’m really not liking the title of BBW (Big Beautiful Woman).  But in order to get out from underneath that label, I’m going to have to drop about 50-lbs.!!

I’ve got in my mind this is going to take me about a year to accomplish.  If I loose 1 t0 2-lbs. a week from now till this date next year.

I’m not allowing myself to snack at the office…which I had really curbed that habit at this job.  I can only snack on fruit or yogurt if I do have to have a snack.  I am bringing my lunch…one diet Dr. Pepper a day, water the rest of the time.  I can have my 16-oz. cup of coffee, but that’s it as far as the coffee.

I’m eating a good breakfast, maybe not the healthiest breakfast, but I’m working on it.  I eat a big breakfast and then taper off as the day goes on…a good lunch and VERY light dinner…nothing after 8:00 p.m.  No more ice cream runs to Braum’s at 8:30 and 9:00 p.m.

I’m limiting sugary snacks, which hopefully will lower my stress levels, which in turn will help reduce my chances of another shingles outbreak.  The receptionist at my office has also been dealing with, suffering with bouts of shingles since she went to work at this firm…we both really question the contagious factor of shingles…I mean come on, we’re the two newest people to this firm and we’re the only two that seems to be battling round after round of shingles!!!  I pointed out to the gal that stress is a trigger factor of shingles and that we both really need to work on getting rid of the stress…easier said than done!!!

My finances are pretty much in the toilet…I’ve really cracked down on myself as far as ANY shopping and making myself accountable for every penny I spend.  Cutting back on eating out at lunch time will definitely help…lunch costs have been as much as $50 in one week due to the cost of lunch being anywhere from $5.00 to $10.oo.  For a little inconvenience, not eating out at lunch time could add $50.00 a week back into my budget.

I’m getting there…health diet and exercise, financial diet and exercise in being frugal…we’ll see how long all this lasts!!!

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