Half-way through the work week…that’s how I look at Wednesday. The next couple of days are supposed to be warmer than we usually experience this time of year. That only makes me wish for an early spring, warmer temperatures, though we do have our share of thunderstorms, tornadoes…for some reason, I would rather be on the lookout for those kind of weather hazards rather than ice and snow.

I’m covered up busy at work…the days are flying by, so much so that I stayed until 6:00 last night to get myself in a somewhat better starting position this morning. My D.C. attorney is supposed to be flying into Tulsa today but that may be delayed until tomorrow due to another winter storm hitting the east/northeast. Tomorrow would be fine with me, that would give me today to get things done and off of my desk, ready to tackle the work of my newest attorney to this firm.

Evening two of my walking training is tonight. I was supposed to get 2-miles in last night but I just didn’t get it done. I’m going to have to get in a couple of more honor walks this training sessions or I’ll be left behind distance and speed wise. Actually, I think the distance won’t be a problem for me, but the speed will…my shins were killing me the night before last, though I didn’t have the soreness yesterday and surprisingly enough, I’m not sore this morning…we’ll see how it goes after this evening’s workout.

Time to hit the shower, I slept in later than I wanted to, again. Have a great Wednesday!!!

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