The temps are supposed to gradually be warmer this week…funny how 32 degrees feels pretty good after temps dip down into the 20s and lower into the teens…

I had some disturbing news yesterday from one of my special married attorney friend.  This man helped me get the job at the last firm I worked…when we met for lunch a week or so ago, we went over how long we’ve known each other and enjoyed each other’s company, which came to eight years!!  This man is so dear to my heart, he took me to San Francisco several years ago, he takes me to lunch at my favorite restaurant here in Tulsa…he’s put me up in the fanciest of hotels so we could get together and enjoy each other’s company…he informed me yesterday that his prostate biopsy did show cancer in two areas of the prostate.  He said his doctor was going to discuss treatment options yesterday afternoon or today as it is a fast growing cancer and they need to be aggressive in the treatment.  I told him I would be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers…it’s difficult for a Mistress to be too much of a part of such a crisis…but I wanted him to know that I was here for him.

Then my ever-steady married fuckbuddy shared with me that the family was going having to deal with their 13-year-old dog being sick.  The veterinarian found a huge tumor on the dogs bladder and did not give the dog much of a chance of surviving the surgery…and until they operated the vet wouldn’t know how entangled the tumor was to the bladder or other vital organs, so he had a rough weekend as the vet told them to take the dog home and prepare for yesterday…of course, that stirred up all kinds of emotions for me over previous furry kids that have come and gone in my own life and how much a part of our lives our pets become.  I shed a few tears for my dear fuckbuddy…I’m anxiously waiting to hear what happened with the little dog.

I started on my weight loss and exercise regimen yesterday…and it went well.  Since I haven’t allowed myself to snack like I did at the last job, I don’t think it’s going to be that difficult to eat the right things when I do eat at work…I’ve added fruit to the mix at the office and made myself drink 64 ounces of water yesterday.  I felt like I spent the majority of the day running to the bathroom, but once my body adjusts, I think my kidneys will calm down.  I have to hydrate now that I’m walking again…this morning was a prime example as I got up with a sinus/dehydration headache.  Once I get the first sixteen ounces down, as well as the first cup of coffee, the better I will feel.

I made it through my first walking training of this year last night.  We did a “quick” mile that had me huffing and puffing but I was tickled with myself, I finished with a pace of 15:44 for a mile, walking, not running.  I didn’t think my shins were ever going to stop screaming but they finally relaxed enough for me to keep a steady pace.  There’s only five of us in the group…I’m hoping more show up on Wednesday evening, but we’ll see.  I’m going to have to really push myself to keep up but that’s what I want…I want to be pushed and challenged.

The training schedule has us doing at least two-miles a day, a half mile more each week…this is a twelve week program, so we will see how it goes.  I was disappointed that none of the gals I walked with in the last level actually moved up with me to this program…I was hoping I’d have a buddy or two to set a pace with, but none of them showed up last night.  I think they’re hesitant over the speed and distance.  By the time we do our graduation race in April, we’re supposed to be doing a thirteen minute mile walking!!!

I’m going to have to hydrate better…I got up with a dehydration headache…I’ve learned that some of these morning headaches are combined sinus and dehydration issues…so, I’ve downed a bottle of water and working on my first cup of coffee.

I’ve been contemplating joining Weight Watchers online lately, but I really can’t afford it…at least, not right now.  I’ve got my finances all fucked up again, nothing new there…I so want to get a handle on my money and monthly expenses.  I want to be debt free but I’m beginning to think that will never happen…I did contact my friend in real estate mortgage lending about maybe refinancing my house and seeing if there are ANY options.  She pretty much told me that folks with perfect credit, little to no debt and great incomes are being turned down right and left.  That’s alarming coming from her because she’s the queen of creative financing when it comes to getting someone qualified for a home loan.  What’s the point of having good credit if it doesn’t get you anywhere other than further into debt?  I’ve got to find ways to save more money and increase my overall monthly income…I’ve got to get busy on my eBay project.  I’ve got to clean out my closets and get rid of “stuff!”

I’m hoping to hear from my gal pal from Texas this week. She is coming/cumming to visit me here in Tulsa around the 13th.  I’ve got some nasty plans in the works and hopefully she’s still excited about the sessions I’m lining up with several of my special friends.  I think it will be an action packed week to say the least!!!

Time to move along, get the work day underway!!!  Have a great Tuesday…

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