Sunday Reflections 1-23-2011…

Let’s see, where to start…For those that read yesterday’s “Unexpected Adventure…” unfortunately, the “unexpected adventure” didn’t happen…when I hadn’t heard from the guy by the time I left for OKC yesterday early afternoon, I figured it wasn’t going to materialize.  The guy did text me about 2:30 p.m. while I was on the road to tell me he wasn’t going to be able to make it happen.  At least, he didn’t stand me up and leave me wondering, but that’s why I have the guy get the room when I’m headed out of town.  I don’t mind carving out some playtime while I’m out and about, but you will have to be responsible for the “where” of my choosing…

I made it to my friends’ home in a timely manner and let’s just say, the Naughty, Nasty Birthday Party got started earlier than usual and a good time was had by ALL!!!!  We had a smaller group than usual but we more than made up for there being a few less folks!!!  This was definitely one of the more get-with-it and be-nasty parties!!!!  Nothing like peanut-butter, chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing being smeared onto pert nipples to be licked and sucked off…shaved pussies galore, hard cocks just begging for some cock massage time…the motorized, adjustable, SwingMan sex swing was fantastic…how many fingers/hand can you get in a hot, wet pussy????…yep, we made the most of who was there and with whom we had to work with…great party, great nasty fun!!!

Home again, home again, getting unpacked and settled in to watch the two play-offs games…time to start thinking about my upcoming work week and the start of my next level of walking training, which starts tomorrow…BRRRRRRR!!!

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