Unexpected Adventure…

I’m trying to keep my excitement to a minimum this morning but I had a guy contact me that lives near OKC wanting to get together for an “erotic” encounter this evening while I’m over visiting my friends tonight.

While it has crossed my mind before to plot and plan a little fun before the actual intimate swinging group party fun, I’ve not had anyone that was truly interested or ready to set up a session and go through with it. That’s why I’m keeping my excitement to a minimum, though my pussy is so hot and wet thinking of how much fun I’m going to have with the pre-party session.

I know it throws some men off when I tell them I’m not all that interested in meeting for a drink and conversation to see if there is a “click.” If you’re serious about engaging in some hot sex and on a somewhat limited time schedule, why not do the meet and greet right along with the play-time? I did a recon of motels/hotels in the area I’ll be in and sent the two suggestions to the man for him to secure a room. I gave him the time in which I will join him and how I want him to greet me at the door of the room when I arrive…and the rest, well, if he has a special request and it isn’t too cumbersome to bring along with me in the car, then I will accommodate…otherwise, I’m looking forward to having my tits sucked and my pussy kissed and licked till I cum in his mouth…and then I want to feel his hard cock pushing into my hot womanly oven…

Oh yes, I’m trying to contain my excitement, but for some reason, this particular scenario is just turning me on like nothing else lately!!!

I’m hoping he’ll go through with the session…I’m not going to pretend that I won’t be disappointed because I will…I haven’t gotten to do a hotel scene like this in quite a while…

I’ll keep you all posted!!!

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Adventure…

  1. Too bad it didn’t happen!! I was really looking forward to the scene I had created in my head!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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