Whew, Made It To Work And Back…

The roads were pretty treacherous this morning heading into downtown Tulsa. I only did a little slip sliding…got my bearings as to how slick it was before I got out of my neighborhood. I opted to take the Broken Arrow Expressway simply because it was more traveled and hopefully wasn’t too slick…as long as I keep two car distances between me and the car in front of me, I felt pretty good about the drive into work. I didn’t like it when I saw someone behind me less than a car length away from my bumper…so, I tried not to think about who was behind me and how hard they would hit me if they couldn’t stop or the folks behind him couldn’t stop…(yeah, I know, a busy thought process for sure!!)

Of course, I knew the receptionist wouldn’t make it in…I was right on that account…what was even more funny was her sister who lives down the street from the other young gal that did show today didn’t make it in either. I wouldn’t be so sadistically amused except that young secretary’s attorney is the attorney that drew up the policies and procedures the firm follows!!! And to be perfectly honest, the gal told her attorney last night before leaving that she was more than likely going to take a “snow day!” I tried my best not to laugh when he wandered up to the front desk early in the afternoon inquiring about the receptionist’s whereabouts and then where was his secretary…seriously, do you have a fucking clue about anyone other than yourself at any given time???? Can you tell I really don’t care for this guy???? Let’s just say I think it is ridiculous to have such a goof-ball in charge of attendance, hours, days off, sick time, vacation time, snow days…when this jack-ass can’t make it to the office before 10:00 a.m. and then wanders around in a daze until about 4:30 p.m. when he’s ready to crank out some work on the one case he works on with one of the other attorneys…seriously, who’s in charge of this GD insane asylum????

I started working on my time sheet as this firm operates on a 7.5 hour work day. The damned part-time accountant took great pleasure in pointing out to me that until I hit 40-hours, I won’t get overtime…or the time and a half of overtime pay…well guess what, I’ll be getting about 5-hours of time and a half overtime in this next pay check!!! Of course, this is IF I calculated correctly…I’m so freaking challenged when it comes to breaking the work hour into 10-minute time increments…so, the worst case scenario is that I won’t get paid the overtime until the firm can bill it to the “of counsel” attorney’s client…which I don’t think that’s how this is going to go down…but we’ll see. I’m pretty tickled at the numbers I came up with late this afternoon.

My “of counsel” attorney flew back to Washington D.C. today. He’s a very nice man and I enjoy working for him. I think he said he would be returning at the end of next week…which should be just enough time for me to get a better handle on my other work for my other attorneys. I know I’m not going to be pulling the overtime like I have these past couple of weeks, but the bottom-line is I’m getting great experience working in oil and gas law.

The drive home was pretty uneventful…well except for the two blocks out of my parking garage…I found myself engaging the anti-lock brakes, stomping the brake pedal clear to the floor and holding it there. I learned how to drive where you gently pumped the brakes until you came to a stop…in the world of anti-lock breaks, you apply a completely different mindset, stomp the brake pedal to the floor and hold it there. I stopped in a timely manner though the Dodge Charger behind me did a little fishtailing when he saw I had stopped for the red light. Amazing how many folks simply ignore the traffic signals when there’s ice and snow on the streets. All of a sudden the traffic signals and signs don’t mean the same thing as they do when the pavement is completely dry!!!! The rest of the drive home was uneventful…in fact, traffic was so light, I was home in a record 15-minutes!!!

Anyway, I made it to work and back!!!! Slip sliding the day away!!!

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