Can’t Linger Long Thursday…

I’ve got to get around and get my ass on the road to work…nothing like a layer of ice with a couple of inches of snow on top to make the drive to downtown Tulsa quite an ordeal…6-miles, that’s all I have to travel one-way to work.  I’m hoping that the main streets are fairly passable but I won’t know until I get out there…I did not wait and see if Tulsa Public Schools are open today, that is always a contributing factor as far as traffic since there is a high school within a mile of my neighborhood and there is a neighborhood elementary school on the north most side of my neighborhood…

I was covered up busy yesterday and will be again today…my young associate attorney and I got cross-wise and he informed me later in the day that he just about went off on me when he asked me to fax a letter, which we haven’t had a fax at the office for over a week…then he told me to “tell” one of the other girls to help me…which I informed him it was not my place to tell the other girls anything of the kind.  I reiterated that when I ask him to get an e-mail address from a contact when he’s talking to them, saves me the extra call to get it from them after we’ve had the dumb discussion for the 10th time that the fax machine is broke and we have to snail mail or e-mail everything!!  I informed him that if he had gone off on me, I would have walked out…I think that response surprised him, but I don’t and won’t put up with that shit.

I have a feeling the receptionist won’t be making it in, which means since it’s my day to back her up, I’ll be out there for gawd knows how much time…I’m still not happy about that extra assignment…and most of the time I simply refuse to take my work out there to do…why in the Hell would I load up all my work and take it out there…which I can’t get anything constructive done because I’m answering the phone…makes working on a detailed contract very difficult, interruptions are constant and well…what’s the point of trying to do anything that requires detail…

I’ve got to get to the office first, work comes after I’ve accomplished that…It’s going to be a long ol’day!!!

At least, I went to the grocery store last night for a few little things like milk, yogart, donut holes…at 9:15 p.m. the parking lot was half-full, the bread aisle was almost empty, the eggs wiped out, milk was slim pickings but I got my favorite kind and picked up a few comfort food items…on top of getting some fruit as well…

Time to get moving along, hit the shower and get on the road…have a great, safe and warm Thursday!!

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