Wednesday…Half Way There…

I’ve made it to the middle of another work week!!! For some reason, the first couple of weeks in January seem interminably long…which is kind of funny because it really amounts to the fact that there really aren’t any working holidays again until Memorial Day weekend. In the world of billable hours, we don’t get to take holidays like the state and federal courts do. Like Monday was MLK Day…we were open for business and worked…even though no mail, no banks, no courts were open. President’s Day will happen in February, the courts will be closed, I’m sure the banks will close, but our office, will be open.

I will admit though, when we got the calendar of state closings for 2011, there seemed to be fewer closed days on the state level.

Anyway, I’m trying to get that first cup of coffee down and gear up for my Wednesday. I’ll be covered up busy as the brief I’ve been working on with my newest work load addition (attorney) will be in the office in final preparation mode, my associate attorney declared he will be in the office early today so he’ll have loads of work for me to do…and of course, my main partner attorney will be in, he’s been stirring up a few cases that will need to be calmed…another busy work day in the world of billable hours!!!

The local channels are abuzz with the approaching winter storm…we will get some snow fall…how much, they’re saying anywhere from 1-3 inches here in Tulsa…there isn’t supposed to be a lot of ice beforehand, so that’s good…nothing like having a layer of the slick stuff down for the snow to cover up…and to think, next week, I’ll be out in it…at least 2 days out of the week, I’ll be outside doing my walking training…yikes!!!

Time to hit the shower…I really need to start pushing myself along in the mornings. I’ve actually thought about getting my ass out of bed and getting at least a mile on the treadmill in every morning…haven’t made it yet, but I’m still thinking about it!!

Have a great Wednesday ahead!!!

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