If He Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Then he probably is too good to be true!! I was pleasantly surprised last week when I received an incredible e-mail from a young man (39 about to turn 40) that lives in Texas. He writes quite eloquently, especially for someone here on Adult FriendFinder…so, I decided to explore a bit further.

I responded with a nice note and expressed my interest in continuing an exchange to see if there really was any type of mutual attraction interest.

I have to admit, a well written e-mail, detailing your life and where you find yourself in your life, your thought process, your sex life, well, that gets my attention and finds me getting a little tingly between the legs…

I am put off by age…there’s no need to go into some sort of extended dissertation over this subject with me…every time I clear my mind to explore what interests we might have in common, I find myself slam-dunked back into hard core reality in that I have very little in common with a man a little over ten years younger than myself.

This young man wooed me quite well with his “novella” of who he is and how he came to be where he finds himself on the brink of turning 40-years-old. The e-mail that slammed me back in to reality that the age difference does make a difference to me, was when the young man mentioned having a 10-year-old daughter…he may have other children, I don’t know, as I suddenly snapped back into reality in that I want no part of someone that finds himself in the middle of raising his kids with his ex-wife. I’ve raised my kids, I’m put them on their paths to individualism and productive contributors to the world in which they carve for themselves…

I have no desire to be a part of someone else’s time to raise his/her kids…I’m in a much different place in my life as this young finds himself. While he’s attracted to much older women, I’m not attracted to much younger men…as carefree as he wants to paint himself, his portrait isn’t attractive enough for me to even respond to his last…I lost interest with the first read…by the second read of his note, I found myself deleting his e-mails and moving on. I simply don’t want to be a part of a young man’s life while he’s still in the child-rearing years.

Perhaps I’m selfish, I want a man that is a part of my life to be all about me…I don’t want to take second chair to the daughter’s basketball games and tournaments…I’m not a big baseball fan so no, I don’t want to go to your son’s little league game…I’ve got grandkids in the making, I can do all that all again when I’m ready to dout on my own little grand-monsters!!!

The other turn-off came when the young man neglected to really read my last e-mail to him where I provided my personal e-mail address in which would could continue our e-mail exchange…paying attention to the little details is something I look for in a man, with a man. If you’ve taken the time to truly READ what I’ve written, then you respond accordingly. Funny, but it was evident he hadn’t really paid any attention to my e-mail because I wrote a second “quickie” pointing out the obvious to me, which is if “you sound too good to be true, chances are you are too good to be true.” That got a response, just a quick run down on his family obligations…red light, red light…

So, if a man under the age of 45…and in this case, the man was just under the age of 40, sends a fabulously written e-mail, I’ll take the time to read it…the second and third e-mails, well, that’s where the difference becomes blatantly evident!!!!


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