Just About Out The Door…

I was just about out the door this morning, heading to the office, when it all hit me again, the income tax issues, the fact that the harder and longer I work, the further behind I seem to get…it just all came crashing down on me.  I call this morning’s fit an “emotional bowel movement”…but lack of what else to call and complete emotional upheaval of my frustration and disgust…

My tirade was not limited to just my income tax issues, but also the current government and administration in charge…let’s just say, I purged myself of quite a bit of ugly thought process on all…no need in stirring crap up here in Blogland with my political points of view and how I REALLY feel about the state of the economy and the folks that are “in charge”…I will say I did feel better getting it all out…at least, for the time being…

I got myself calmed down enough to drive…I really felt down and out driving to the office.  I was glad traffic was fairly easy and calm into downtown, which I figured it would be with today being Martin Luther King Day.  It was nice not to have to wiggle and worm my way through the construction track that’s on the last leg of my journey to and from downtown Tulsa…tomorrow, well, tomorrow will be balls to the walls heading to and from downtown…

Hopefully, I got my frustration out this morning, though I have a feeling as each 1099 forms come in the mail over the next couple of weeks, all that frustration and anger will come bubbling back to the surface.

On a brighter, nastier note, I’m gearing up for my gal pal from Texas to come/cum to Tulsa the second weekend in February.  She’s going to come/cum and stay with me from Sunday through to the next Saturday or Sunday.  I’m excited and looking forward to her visit…we’ve got so much in common besides both being fairly nasty gals.  My gal pal is bi-sexual and we enjoy each other’s company…and we’re both in the same intimate swinging group that gets together about every other month.

I’m lining up some naughty, nasty fun while my gal pal is here in Tulsa.  I’ve had a couple of specific fantasy requests that involve two women and one man, so I’m hoping to help bring that particular fantasy into fruition for several of my special friends that have requested such.  My gal pal is excited at the prospect of engaging in the sessions I’ve been laying out for her…she goes with the flow and loves it when I’ve constructed a naughty, nasty scenario.  She knows that if I’ve plotted and planned something, it is going to be off the scale fun, as well as nasty!!! So, I’m looking forward to February…

I did come to the conclusion today that I’ve got to forge ahead on the tax deal, get it done, get it handle and eventually paid.  What I want to do is prepare for 2011 in the process…no more surprises and ugliness, but then I didn’t plan on my dad dying or loosing the dream job that was supposed to take me into my 70s…the road of life is full of ugly bumps and potholes, I’ve just got to figure out how to keep my “front end” aligned and running smoothly through all the crap!!!!

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