A Bit Of A Reprieve…

I got a bit of a reprieve this weekend…I don’t have to go in and work until late Sunday afternoon…so, I can catch up on my R&R over the next 48-hours…I’m looking to just catch my breath, maybe go to a movie after I eat a bite of dinner,then call it a night.

I’m looking forward to getting my hair cut tomorrow early afternoon…I’m going back to my crazy hair stylist that I was going to before I lost my last job…she’s closer and I do love how she cuts my short hair. I love my other hair dresser but it’s a major ordeal to go out to her salon…I’m just not in the mood to go south of Tulsa to get my hair cut, all that drive time coupled with all the damned construction between here and there…I want convenient when it comes to location…

I’m also looking into enjoying a special friend or two…not sure how schedules will mesh, but we’ll see…I could use the stress relief, so we’ll see…

So, a bit of a reprieve from my overtime evenings of this past week…and into the weekend.

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