I am so freaking mentally drained that I can hardly function this morning…sleep, more sleep…which I’ve been going to bed earlier each night this week. Yesterday afternoon it really hit me, I’m tired.

The new attorney is wearing on me…though the day flies by…today will be ugly because I really don’t have time to be sitting out at the receptionist desk, but until someone’s work doesn’t get done, that’s where I will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays three times during the work day.

I’ve been gathering my income tax information. It will be a little more complicated this year with the 30-day unemployment stint to figure in and I cashed out my 401k to make sure I kept my bills paid up…that certainly wouldn’t have happened if I had tried to make do on the unemployment benefits, which would have barely made my house payment…would not have made my car payment, nor utility bills…so that will complicate the equation considerably. I did have taxes taken out of everything so there won’t be that shock of having to pay all that back when I do my taxes. I don’t know if I’ll get anything back, but hopefully, I won’t have to pay anything…I’ll be pissed if I don’t get anything back…but that would figure the way things have been going…the little guy always gets screwed when it comes to taxes!!!! Why would 2010 be any different????? Maybe a bigger screwing!!!!!

Time to start thinking about getting in the shower and getting this day underway!!!

I received an e-mail from my least favorite submissive…he wants some “warm” inspiration…seriously, I don’t have time to create something warm and nasty for him…that’s the down side of this new job, I don’t have time to sit and think of naughty, nasty fun…every now and then I think my mind will latch onto something and it will grow…not going to happen right now…there’s just too much work crap crowding the thought paths!!!!

Have a great Thursday!!!

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