Frigid Tuesday…

We didn’t get much snow here in Ttown. I’m glad, I worry about the other drivers on the road when the weather gets precarious.

I’ll be working late the rest of the work week, at the request of my newest attorney. I’m fine with that, an hour or two of overtime for the rest of the week will come in handy. Though I’m concerned about how mentally drained I am by the time I do head home…not to mention by the time I do get home, there isn’t any time left for anything else.

I went to the informational meeting on the next level of my walking program. That gears up the week of January 24th with the graduation race towards the end of April. Doesn’t seem all that far off when the time frame was put into training weeks. I’m ready to make the commitment to myself and get back on track in my exercise and walking training.

I met my long time married, attorney friend for lunch yesterday at my favorite restaurant.  The hour went by too fast, it was so good to see him and talk to him.  He’s a good man and we’ve had a great friendship over the past 8-years.  We parted promising that we would make more time for each other…soon, very soon.  I miss seeing him every day but that’s the price that’s paid when folks just don’t see eye-to-eye on things.  He was glad that I’m making an effort in my new job but keeping my options open…which I pointed out to him, as open as the economy will allow.  We caught up on what’s happened in our families and just life in general.  We hugged several times in the parking lot before parting…we’ve always been able to keep it platonic when out in public, though he does like to push that envelope!!!

Staying warm is about the only theme I can come up with here in the month of January…I’m behind schedule again this morning, stayed up watching the BCS Championship Game. I was tickled that Auburn won. While I’m not necessarily an SEC fan, I’m certainly not a Big 10, Pac 10 fan…and Oregon is the team to beat as far as being a Sooner fan!!! Yes, I know, I haven’t forgotten the loss to Oregon some years back…I liked seeing the Ducks struggle last night. They had a chance to take it away from Auburn but just couldn’t quite take it to that next level.

I did see on the local morning news that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Tulsa University all finished their football seasons ranked in the Top 25 polls. Apparently that is a first time ever deal!!!

Time to push myself along and get back back to it…seems like I find myself spending more and more time at the office than at home!!!!

Have a good Tuesday ahead!!

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