Monday, Monday…

Head’em up, movem’ out !!! It’s a cold Monday morning. There’s a very thin layer of snow, okay, more like a dusting here in Ttown. Just enough on the ground to make it difficult in places on the streets to get around.

Optimally, I need to be ready to head to the office around 7:30 a.m. that way I’ll hopefully be ahead of some of the traffic…as well as get to the office early this morning to get a jump on my work…

I did go in and work for my new attorney late yesterday afternoon. I got 4-hours of overtime in, which I don’t think either one of us expected to be there that long, but I had to type in a lot of the work that he gave me that was in PDF form, which my computer is the only computer that doesn’t convert a PDF to a working Word document…I have a feeling, my computer is going to be updated to carry all of the programs that the young gals have on their computers which one is already on Word 2010…with 5 freaking attorneys, you’d think I’ve have the most up-to-date programs on my computer…quite the opposite!!! It would seem the gal before me had pretty much be phased out of most active work…tables and tides have turned…the “new old gal” is the busiest secretary in that firm right now!!!

The look on my young associate attorney’s face when I told him that I had the new attorney, not the other young gal that only has 1 attorney…when he asked how that happened, I popped up, must be present to win!!!

Okay, time to get moving along and decide on what I’m going to wear…if I thought it would help, I would take my little heater that I had at my previous office to put under my desk…but I think if I dress warm today, I shouldn’t have any trouble staying warm…

Oh, a bright spot in my day, I’m having lunch with my married attorney friend that helped me get the job at the last firm. We’re going to my favorite restaurant The Polo Grille in Utica Square!! We’re hoping to get caught up on all the gossip, what’s going on with each other and such…whatever can be accomplished in an hour’s time!

There’s supposed to be a little more snow in the Tulsa area today, but otherwise, this is the back of a storm system that is moving across the southeastern portion of the nation.

Have a good Monday ahead, stay warm and stay safe!!!

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