Finally, Friday!!!!

I’m trying to get around…I would really like to get to the office early today and get a start on my desk.  My so-called “virtual” attorney will be in the Tulsa office until Tuesday of next week…this is with all the other attorneys in the office and turning the work out, which ends up on my desk…if I could only get a handle on things before the day gets underway…

I’ll figure it all out though yesterday morning the part-time account tried to explain to me how the “vacation days/sick days” formula works, which really made no sense and when I found out it was brought into being by the one attorney I have no use for, all I could think is, this guy can’t even get his own ass into the office at a decent time, nor can he control his own secretary, so why in the Hell would this “policy” work?  Basically, the policy solidifies that I need to find another office to work in…

The whole issue grew into a deal that when the account finally went back to her office, the young gal that sits next to me asked me if I would have taken the job had I known all that I know now, and I didn’t hesitate, I told her, no.  She looked rather surprised…which is funny in and of itself…she’s so naive and this is only the second “real” job she’s had since high school, so the poor dear has no idea how much this firm shorts the support staff…AND they can get away with it because they only have 10-support staff…you need 15 folks on the support payroll to fall under the Federal Rules…so, we’re pretty much screwed when it comes to any kind of policies and procedures.

So, I was again, sorely disgusted with my current law firm…the longer I’m employed at the office, the more hopeless I feel that I will never find another job and get out of this Hell hole!!

Anyway, time to hit the shower and get this day underway so I can get my weekend underway…

Have a good Friday…the weather here is supposed to be fairly decent though the winds will be very strong…this is all setting the stage for the extremely frigid cold weather that will be blowing in Saturday into Sunday…

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