How Often Do You Think Of Sex?

I found myself asking that question (to myself) several times today.  I feel as though I’m “in between”…I think about sex but not necessarily with whom do I engage in sex but how do I go about achieving sexual gratification.  Right now, it’s easier for me to masturbate than to try and engage a man to accomplish what I can do myself in a short amount of time.

But I caught myself thinking about sex throughout my work day…I didn’t feel particularly sexy today…I simply wondered how many woman my age were thinking about sex throughout their work day…am I a freak because I think about sex when I got to the women’s restroom and look across at the windows of the hotel…what would it be like to be in one of those rooms where I could look across into this restroom…

And then my mind wanders off to one of my recent fantasies that I thought about posting an ad on CL to enlist the assistance of man.  My requirements for the man I would include in my masturbatory fantasy was that he be able to afford to get a room in the hotel next door to my office building…he must be willing to have everything in the room ready for me to appear at 12:30 p.m. so that I could get naked…he would already be naked and we would indulge in watching each other masturbate to a climax, then I would dress and go back to my office, to work…

Of course, the fantasy has several directions…I often wondered how much fun it would be for my married attorney friend to get a ro0m at the Crowne Plaza where we could go and indulge in a “nooner” and then more nasty fun after work…and then maybe before work…

I am thinking that the Marriott downtown would work the same way…in my mind, it all has to be about what is convenient for me…

So, how often during your day do you think about sex?  Do you ever act on these sexual thoughts?


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