Wednesday, Hump Day…

I just didn’t want to get up this morning…I just want to lay in bed and sleep.  What can I say, when I get depressed I show some of the classic symptoms, wanting to sleep all the time is one of them, though I rarely indulge that desire to just sleep it off, it’s there…once I get up and moving, I feel a little better.

I’ve encountered a couple of men in the past two weeks that think they are the exception to the world of men that love sex and men that don’t want to pay for sex.  I have no desire to “hook up” with a man, become some kind of friend with that man (especially if his pic reminds me immediately of my ex-hubby) and simply let this man move into my life, spend the night in my bed…oh sure, catching a movie, going to dinner, just sitting and talking…and hot sex.  Okay, I have to have an enormous attraction to you if I’m going to start including you in my life at that level…and doing it simply because you say you’re a great guy…thanks, but no thanks.

I think I finally got my points across yesterday.  I don’t waiver when it comes to standing my ground about “needing” a friend like the above-described friend.  I do my best to let the guy down easily but when the guy is so freaking sure he’s the “one” friend that I want to meet and get to know for the sheer pleasure of getting to know the great guy that he is…well, that in and of itself turns me off.

I wonder when I send a pic of myself if the guy is really as disappointed as I am when I receive his pic?  I sat there and go over the pic and think, no, I can’t see myself with that man going to a movie, which would one of those optimal kind of “dates.”  To put it honestly, at least going to a movie you’re semi-hidden from other folks, folks that you may know seeing you with someone you would not be out and about with…especially in public.  Yes, I know, that sounds mean and cruel, but the reality is, I’m NOT going to settle if I let another man in my life for the sheer pleasure of knowing and being friends with that man.  I think I finally got through to this guy last night, nothing with me is a given or free.  I’m not going to call him up and include him in one of my Dominant/submissive scenes because he’s a willing participant…or at least yesterday, he was trying to envision himself being included in one of my scenes where I “force” one of my submissive clients to suck another man’s cock.  This particular guy was going to be that “volunteer” and allow me to “use” him as I desire in one of my scenes…okay, more than one of my scenes because when he read that I have a gal pal coming to visit me and help me out with a couple of FMF, he quickly volunteered himself/his cock to “help” me out with a real cock to include in that scene…thanks, but I’ve got it all covered.  If I need a real cock for one of my scenes, I do have a couple of other guys that can and will step in/step up and help me out…it’s the thought that counts…at least, this guy thought I would jump on the opportunity to include him as one of the “real” cocks in one or more of my scenes…didn’t work.

If you can’t afford me, you simply can’t afford me.  I’m not going to go for the “free” sampling of the goods.  I’m certainly not going to let you into my bed knowing that you fully intend to show me how “all night” works with some men…hello, the chances of you being a snoring monster are very high, not going to give you a chance unless you can pay for, at least, one hour!!!

So, I think I finally got through to him…we’ll see if I get any e-mails from him today.

Time to hit the shower…get this day underway…have a great Wednesday!!!

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