I did not want to get up this morning…could it be because I’m getting really discouraged about my workplace situation?  There seems to be no hope in sight…today is my day to back up the receptionist and I’m simply not looking forward to going to work.

I laid in bed this morning, reviewing the last six months and that made me want to stay in bed.  I made myself get up, got my first cup of coffee, turned the water on to the hot water tank…back to that routine since the slow dripping since the plumber was here last week has returned and then by the time I got home last night turned into a steady little stream in to the drain under the hot water tank…what am I going to do about that issue?  Where is the money going to come from to fix that problem?

Maybe I should get another job for the evenings…something from 5:30 till 10:00 or 11:00 p.m.?  No, that would only throw me into a higher tax bracket and I’d end up with all of my money going to taxes and very little helping to relieve the current financial crunch…

Then there is the “if onlys” going on…if only my car were paid off, if only I had a man whose income would help out with the bills…a single income situation is pretty costly, but I am making it…barely making it, but I’m making it.

I’m going to start centering my thoughts around the naughty, nasty get together I’m planning for early February for one of my special friends.  He has made a request for a FMF adventure.  He wants two females to dominate him sexually…he wants to be fucked with a strap-on by one woman will orally pleasuring another woman…he wants to be spanked and yanked…made to do all manners of nasty things for 2-hours.  I called my friend in Texas and asked her if she would like to come up to Tulsa and help me create this adventure for this special friend and she was delighted.  We have planned for her to be her from a Sunday through till Friday or Saturday of that week.

I got to thinking and I notified my least favorite submissive,  that buys me the most fantastic shoes, if he would be interested in a session with me and my gal pal.  He didn’t hesitate, he signed up for an hour session…he didn’t care if his significant other was in town or not, he so wanted to experience two women dominating him as well.

Now, my pal pal isn’t a Dominant Woman…she does however, love sex and loves to be directed in sex play, so she’s a perfect assistant in a FMF scenario.  She did request that we invite another male friend to enjoy in the ‘tween times (in between naughty, nasty sessions) to fill out hot, wet, eager pussies with some incredible man-meat.  I don’t think the male friend she has in mind will mind helping us out in the regard…in fact, I think this guy would even help out if I needed a cock on hand to subject my submissive friends to as far as sucking a real, live cock…I’m still thinking on what all I want to include int he sessions.  At least, I’m trying to get my nasty Mojo back and engaged.

Big sigh, time to start thinking about getting into the shower…

Have a great Tuesday ahead…

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