‘Tis the Season for Married/Attached Men and their Moral Indignations…

‘Tis the season for married/attached men and their moral indignations…nothing like having a bunch of self-righteous, limp-dicked guys to sling their rude and crude come-ons at/to The Mature Sex Goddess because The Mature Sex Goddess isn’t interested in being a FWB for the sake of sex or simply being a “friend with benefits.”

Seriously, why in the Hell would I want to invite one of those freaking jerks over simply because he hasn’t had sex in several years, thinks his cock still works even though the only action he’s had is by his own hand, jacking off in the bathroom so the wifey won’t hear him or have to put up with his nasty mess…the terms are set, put up or shut up…I don’t care how long you have to go without sex!!!!!

My philosophy…nothing like paying for the pussy laying next to you in your bed every night and not getting any of that pussy…talk about crazy!!!!!

Seriously, don’t threaten me just because you took the bait of this site which guarantees you’ll get laid within 24-hours of joining…I don’t do the initial contacting, you’re the fucking freak that sent me that first e-mail wanting to “get to know” me!!!! Again, WTF?????

The first two weeks of January are spent turning down all the married/attached men that think they are “entitled” to some “free” pussy…the third and forth week of January are spent trying to set up a date and time to get together with the few married/attached men, that think they are ready to cross the line of infidelity and experience some strange pussy. Unfortunately, they just aren’t ready to step over the starting line and get some of those oh, so great pussy!!! The beginning of February, we find that blue balls has set in and those that are truly serious in realizing some great unbridled sex, make the transition without any pain and agony other than they haven’t figured out how to budget their “entertainment” allowance and can’t get enough of that good pussy…but, they get it figured out and all is right once again in the married/attached man’s world…he’s getting pussy again, at least from one pussy in his life…the other is perfectly content to lay next to him and not give it up…it all manages to smooth out and the cycle levels off into more manageable little cycles…

And so the cycle of the married/attached man begins…moral indignation is the start of the process…most never get past or out of that stage, they are perfectly content to lurk on sex sites, watch videos on the internet…e-mail and even chat on the IM with potential “fuck” friends…

Yes, ’tis the season for married/attached men and their moral indignations!!!!! ))

(disclaimer…this mindset does not apply to ALL married/attached men…there are a few of you that realize a great arrangement when you come/cum across it…to those few men, you know I’d spread my legs just as soon as our schedules permit!!!!! )

Pleasure’s a sin, and sometimes sin’s a pleasure…
– Lord Byron, Don Juan

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