Yes, It Certainly Was Monday…

I’m trying to de-stress…I hear my treadmill calling my name…nothing like a busy day at the office full of wonderful surprises like the addition of yet another attorney to my workload!!!! Before I get too carried away…time to go try and walk it out…not to mention, the hot water tank was practically flowing when I got home from work…instant stress…looks like I just may be having to invest my tax return money (if I get any) in a hot water tank!!!! Isn’t life great?????!!!!

And I thought 2011 was going to get off to a little better start than this…

Wishful thinking on my part!!!

More to come/cum…I have to admit, I’ve got to get on my treadmill more…I feel much better now that I’ve done the 20-minute workout. I’ve started thinking about signing up for the next level of my walking training…one program starts at the end of January…the other starts mid-February. I’m just not sure I’m ready to devote the time for the distance training…but, come this spring and summer, I just might be in the best shape I’ve ever been in if I do take that jump to the next level!!

Backing up a bit on what happened to day at the job from Hell…a new attorney came on board, “of counsel” which means he’s already an established attorney, but leaning towards retirement. This guy is a really nice guy…won’t be in the office but a few times a month…he wanted me to be his secretary, not the 20-something gals…wonder why???? lol!!!! Gosh, I hope I’ll have time to devote to him since I’ll be on the freaking phones 2 to 3 days a work week…catch me at my desk if you can!!!

Thank goodness my young associate attorney was only in the office for a little while this morning…he was out this afternoon and then sent me an e-mail that he’s had something come up that he’ll be out of the office tomorrow morning but may be back in the office in the afternoon…so, I got a little reprieve this afternoon…tomorrow, back to the phones…such is life in the world of a small law firm…if only I could get a job that is more centered on one area of law…I didn’t realize how good I had it at my previous job until I was forced out into the ugly world of little law firms!!! I’ll tell you, if I could find a job that pays me the same as I’m making now but has half of the job responsibilities that I currently have, I’m on it!!!

I need to get a few things done before calling it a night…gotta figure out how to come up with the money to make ends meet this month…maybe I’ll start working on my tax return…every little bit helps!!!

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