Monday…Time’s A Tickin’…

Yep, it’s Monday morning…I don’t know what I did or didn’t do with regard to the alarm, but it didn’t wake me up as early as I had hoped…nevertheless, I’m up, I’m getting around…just a little behind schedule.

This is going to feel like one of the longest work weeks of my life after the past two holiday weeks where the Tulsa County Courthouse has been closed on both Thursdays and Fridays. My office closed on only the Fridays of the past two weeks…

My associate attorney declared he was working last Friday…but he wasn’t going to be in the office today…so, I have a feeling my chair and desk will be covered with things I need to do. I don’t think I would be so frustrated if there was one particular area of law that we worked on/in…this kid takes just about any and every case that comes along…he’s young, he’s eager…I’m getting old and want a structured, steady routine…

Another attorney is supposed to be coming into the office with “of counsel” status today…or something this week…that ought to make things interesting…

My shingles seem to be subsiding for the most part…I have not engaged in home remedy treatments this go around…in fact, I’ve stepped up and spent the money…it looks as though a bout with shingles is going to run me about $320.00 with the Urgent Care visit and the anti-viral medication. My hope is to find a way to defuse my stress…good luck with that!!!

Okay, time to hit the shower…I’m really liking that I don’t have to turn on the water to the hot water tank, wait for the warm-up before I get in the shower and then when I get out, turn the water off…though there is still a leak somewhere…I’m not so sure it is a leak or just the insulation between the outer wall of the hot water tank to the actual water tank drying out…but there is still a slow drip happening…there was a little bead of water up where the intake valve was fixed, so if that grows I’m going to have to call the plumber back out…but for now, everything is VERY manageable.

Have a great first Monday of a new month and the new year…

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