Are You Seeking The Warm Fuzzies?

I’ve had several men approach me lately that they’re seeking a “friendship” of sorts…I call it seeking a relationship, but whatever…friendship/relationship…kind of unusual on a sex site…but these men are seeking something that I am a bit challenged on giving…yep, these guys are seeking The Warm Fuzzies.

In all honesty, I’ve only had the warm fuzzies a couple of times in my life. I don’t know if a full blown relationship would have ever worked out with the couple of men that I call “true loves” of my life because I never had the chance to see if a relationship would work out with any one of them. Too many life circumstances were happening and I hadn’t learned that I could make my own choices and life decisions back then…

Oh, I’ve come a long ways since my early 20s…I now make my own decisions…not to mention, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. Right now, where I’m at in my life, I’m not necessarily seeking warm fuzzies…I’m seeking a man that can and will afford me…whether that’s to afford to keep me as his Mistress or Whore…whether that’s to be a “boyfriend” whatever in the Hell that is…I suppose a warm fuzzy could be a fuckbuddy…but you know, the kind of fuckbuddies that I enjoy and make time for are the ones that I blog about…those “special” friends that provide me with all that I need to make my pussy hot and wet!!!

I want a man that will not hinder my life, but enhance it. However, I am specific about how and what that enhancement will be…funny, but I’ve had several men in the past couple of weeks get downright offended that the arrangement I offer isn’t all warm and fuzzy like HE wants it!!! In other words, what makes me zoom and get orgasmic is considered cold, detached and too much of a business arrangement. Funny, but I get so damned hot and wet when I’m with even my least favorite submissive man when he provides the added incentives that I require of him…and you can be sure I not only milk him for the fine shoes he buys me or the other gifts he gives me, but I milk the hell out of his cock and balls, while trying to pinch his nipples off!!! And then we go our separate ways…an e-mail every now and then, a naughty, nasty suggestion of what I will do to him in the future…I have allowed him to call me on my cell phone…but only once!!

Why would I want to indulge a man in a warm and fuzzy friendship??? What would I get out of it? Oh, yeah, the warm fuzzies???? I REALLY love my cold, detached, business-like arrangement, those encounters are what I truly enjoy and want…go figure!!!

I think the other reason I enjoy the cold, detached, business-like arrangement I offer is because there is a starting time and a stopping time to our naughty, nasty fun. Do you know how anxiety ridden I become if I think a guy is going to over-stay our designated hour? Oh sure, once in a great while I enjoy one of my fuckbuddies and we engage in a couple of hours of mind-blowing sex, but you know, that fuckbuddy knows not to over-step his welcome…he knows I’m about to go into high-anxiety mode at the hour and a half mark…now, once in a great while…in fact, I really can’t remember when the last time I actually didn’t watch the clock and simply enjoyed the sex for the great sex that it was…I’m sure I did at some point…okay, let’s leave it that I haven’t found a fuckbuddy that I would be willing to spend more than a couple of hours with much less an “all-nighter!!”

So, are you seeking a friend with benefits that makes you warm and fuzzy????

And yes, the UGGs would provide both work as far as being one kind of warm and fuzzy..just in case you were wondering how to get me to the warm and fuzzy feeling!!!!

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