Happy New Year 2011!!!!

The end of the second day of the new year is closing in…I’ve had a nice long weekend as my office was closed this past Friday, which was also New Year’s Eve.  I’m doing my best to embrace 2011…2010 was a very trying year on several different personal levels.

I feel I’ve lost my naughty, nasty Mojo…I just can’t seem to clear my mind of all the “what ifs” and let life unfold before as it will…I don’t like not being in control…my life has been, somewhat out of control.

I kind of gave up keeping my online diary back in September…I was just going through too many changes in my life to be focused and even want to post here in my blog.

So, here I am at the beginning of a new year.  I’m still employed at a job that I hate.  It is a pay check and there’s a lot to be said for having a job right now that pays the big bills.  I keep applying for jobs that I see on Craigs List and the Tulsa World newspaper…nothing has panned out but I have been putting myself out there.  I figured that no one would be serious about hiring until after the first of the new year and maybe not until the end of January, first of February.

I don’t get as angry now when I think about my former employer…I still don’t understand why I was terminated but I have a feeling there are going to be more folks loosing their jobs at that firm as the new year unfolds.

I am battling my second round of shingles in the past two months…I was able to get into Urgent Care and get an anti-viral prescription that cost an arm and leg but it seems to be working as the shingle spot on my right ass cheek has stopped being so angry and starting to heal.  My goal is to find ways to relieve my stress levels…which means I need to get back to doing yoga, I need to get back into a walking routine…I need to find a job that I truly enjoy and consider my “job home”…all the planets and stars need to align and all will be right with my world…oh, I need to find a rich man, that loves sex and would love nothing more than to have a naughty, nasty gal like me in his life to make his world complete, which in turn makes my world complete…okay, so it is one big fairy tale I’ve got going there…a gal needs to be able to dream of that perfect Prince Charming!!!

With my life goals in place, time to get things ready to head to work tomorrow morning…I want to get things laid out and several clothing options ready…I need to get things straightened up and organized in my bathroom…oh, I think there’s a new Housewives of Atlanta episode tonight…better check the TV list and see…I’m so hooked on the Bravo reality shows…best to watch someone else’s drama…so much easier on my life!!!

I’ve got several goals I’ve got to push myself to commit to here in the next week or so…in my walking training, I need to decide if I want to take things to the next level and prepare for a half marathon…what a big step but I think I need more of a challenge than the 5ks I’ve been doing since last summer…time to take it a bit more serious and get this ol’body back into awesome shape!!!

Here’s hoping 2011 is far better than 2010!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2011!!!!

    • It’s good to be back. I simply haven’t been in a posting mood since starting this new job. I am a believer in working through my issues/problems through writing so, I thought I needed to get back into the groove of posting, which is my therapy of sorts. Thanks for commenting on my post.

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