Thursday…Is It Friday, Yet?

I hate how mentally tired I am this week…I know it’s just adjusting to the new job, still, I don’t seem to be getting that restful, refreshing sleep that I crave right now to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle my work day.  Maybe that will come next week as I head into my 3rd work week at the new job.

I did get a call yesterday from another job prospect…I will call back sometime today and see what and who the job possibility is for and if this job would pay as much or more than what I’m currently making…as well as what kind of health insurance, if any, is offered.  I don’t necessarily like the thought of starting over at yet another job, but gotta keep my possibilities open and ready…there were two or three possibilities listed in the newspaper classified section that I receive via e-mail once a week…so, I’ll keep seeing what’s out there…no more of this being complacent about where I’m working and how long I will remain employed there…I did get the impression from the secretary that has been at this particular firm for 20-years, she keeps to herself most of the time and is a bit perturbed that the two young gals that I sit by make as much as she does after 20-years.  That gave me indication that I might be the highest paid secretary right now…I will definitely keep my mouth shut, ear and eyes at full alert and attention.

Walking group should be another great late afternoon/evening to walk…maybe on the wet side as we will walk in the rain and snow unless it is lightening…hearing the coaches say we will walk in cold temperatures, even if it’s snowing sounded really crazy after walking this summer in temperatures over 105 degrees!  How different and crazy will walking in the cold be after all of that?

Nevertheless, I’m off to a good start on my walking group training this session…my goal is to make it to as many, if not all, of the training evenings this session.  I do have this way of striving for perfect attendance at whatever I do!!!

Time to get moving along…I’ve been getting to the office later than I like…just can’t seem to get motivated to get in the shower and move myself along in the mornings…not a good sign of job enthusiasm.  Have a great Thursday!!!

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