I’m into Week 2 of my new job…I’m mentally exhausted…I’m having to pull from deep inside to get things done.  I know what I’m doing but it just comes so slow to me…at least, I think I’m slow.  I get frustrated with the computer, with my little ancient printer…I sometimes wonder if I’m just lazy and had fallen into a lazy pattern at the old job?  Of course, I did/had…I had it made over there, thus my cube-mate didn’t like the fact that I had things under control and she was having to work much harder than I did, having to think much more than I had to think.

I’m doing my best to put it behind me…instead of dreading walking group, I look forward to it now…last night was another great evening to walk…clouds were rolling in, so there was no direct, intensely hot September Sun to contend with…

I’m trying to get focused to get around this morning and get to the office…tackle my work, but I just can’t seem to get motivated…I had VERY strange dreams last night that lingered right up until the alarm clock went off…I’m still rattled from whatever it was that I was dreaming…whatever it was, it has me sitting here bumfuzzled!!!  I feel as though I slept but not a good peaceful, restful sleep…I wish I had an Ambien to take at night…those little pills really knock me on my butt…I don’t dream, I sleep VERY deeply and restful…too bad I can’t afford to go to the doctor and get a prescription for them…nor can I afford to get the prescription filled if I had one…it would just be nice to get a good night’s “restful” sleep!!

There’s rain in the forecast but only a slight chance…the tropical storm that is coming up from Texas has now been classified as a tropical depression…we might get some rain from the remnants of that storm today and tomorrow…it’s already getting humid again…time for another cup of coffee and to start functioning…

Have a good Hump Day!!!

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