Monday On A Tuesday…

I find some comfort in the fact that this is going to be a short work week.  I think this is also a pay week as this firm pays bi-weekly.

I finished filling out what is supposed to be the “insurance” coverage papers.  I read every bit of the fine print…seems since I have a pre-existing condition, my rheumatoid arthritis, I have to provide proof of previous coverage, as well as a 12-month waiting/determination period before I’m actually “covered.”  I will sign up for whatever this pathetic source of coverage is…what’s the point if it doesn’t cover anything…especially now that I fall into the “pre-existing condition” category, which means I don’t qualify to be covered for another 12-months.  What a cold and heartless deal this health insurance business is proving to be. I am planning on setting aside some money to cover anything like a flu shot…other than that, I’m basically without…

I started watching a new reality show on Bravo last night…Thintervention with Jackie Warner…it was an eye opener…this gal’s approach to health and fitness is an all encompassing deal…diet and exercise…the two go hand-in-hand.  The twist on her physical fitness portion is you push yourself to feel the burn…then you push harder.  I related to that deal when I thought about how I got my bicycle out yesterday afternoon and rode around the block…it seemed to take forever for me to come up the gradual incline of the street on the front side of my house.  My legs were all shaky when I got off of my bike…I’ve got a long ways to go before I feel good about my bike riding again.

I’ve got walking group this evening after work…I’m actually looking forward to it…more so than my work day.  I’m just not all that enthused about this job…in fact, I’m finding myself feeling a bit inadequate this morning and actually dreading heading in to the office…I know I’ll feel differently when I feel I have a better grasp on things…but right now, I feel inept and lost.

My dear subbie had some bad blood work the week before last and is battling another health monster…I send my good thoughts and wishes for him…he’s such a treasure and such a dear.  I hate that he’s going through this mess again.  I patiently wait for his report to let me know what is going on…I miss you dear subbie…Mistress misses hearing from you!!

It’s time for me to start moving my day along…I would much rather linger here, but best to confront the day head-on.  There is a chance of rain throughout the week…that should cool things off again…we are rapidly approaching the “official” start of Fall!!!

So, have a good Tuesday…even though for most of us, it is a Monday on a Tuesday…it is a short work week!!

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