The Best Kind Of Monday…

The best kind of Monday is one in which you don’t have to get up and go to work!!! That would be a Holiday Monday…today, is Labor Day Monday.

I was going to get busy and clean my carpets today…I ran out of steam yesterday afternoon after tending to my yard work and laundry…then headed out to my nephew’s soccer game to join family and friends for the evening. By the time we left the pizza place after the game, it was too late to get to the store and rent the machine. I was giving serious thought to heading over to one of the stores that rents the Rug Doctor and renting one this morning and spending the day cleaning away…it’s early, I’m still drinking my first cup of coffee, so not sure that will be the set plan for the day!!!

And then, the thought of just lounging around, watching TV, piddling for the most part, sounds awfully good!!! The temps are gradually climbing back up…the heat is coming back, slowly but surely…only minus the humidity that we normally have with heat…that makes the heat almost bearable.

Time for another cup of coffee and more contemplation!!

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