Sunday Reflections (9-5-2010),,,

I survived my first week of employment, this past week.  The job is a job…is it an incredible job?  No, it’s simply a job.  I’m having to work harder because of the primitive document system…or rather non-existent document system.

I have no health insurance, per say…a $6000 deductible equates to no health coverage to me.  No medication coverage, no co-pay until the deductible is reached…basically, nothing is covered until you’ve forked over the deductible…such is life!

I’m starting to get my naughty, nasty, sexy mojo back…a little bit a sex here and there goes a long way with me right now…I simply don’t have the brain power right now to delve back into scenes at the full-speed and zest I had six months ago!!!  I’m calling it being more selective…who knows what it really amounts to…

I’ve got a myriad of projects to tend to today and tomorrow…basically yard and house work…then back to the grind of the work force for another work week…at least, it will be a short work week!!

I was relieved that my OU Sooners pulled out a win in the season opener…hopefully, the Sooners will continue to build and improve as the weeks tick off…what should have been a blow out, definitely showed the weakness the Sooners will have to over-come to remain in the top 25 polls this Football Season.  Boomer Sooner!!!!

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