Soothing Saturday…

I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful Saturday morning…temps down to 55 degrees this morning…it’s only supposed to get up in the mid to high 80s…such a welcome respite from the scorching temps of August.

I’m thoroughly exhausted!!! Brain and body tired this morning…I slept in, sitting here sitting my cup of coffee after installing a new keyboard…I liked the one I got myself for the office so much, I decided to get another for here at home…amazing how much better my hands and fingers feel on a keyboard that allows my fingers to fly!!! There’s a built-in wrist rest which is amazing…while I don’t usually rest my wrists at the bottom of the keyboard on the desk or various apparatus, I have found that this supports rather than allows poor hand posture while typing.

I was VERY overwhelmed yesterday at work…a Federal filing which should have taken me about 20 to 30-minutes, headed up taking all damned morning!!! I felt so freaking incompetent!!! The attorney was very patient and appreciated how I stuck to the project…seriously, I’m not that incompetent!!!

I was able to enjoy a late lunch with my lunch buddy…it was a glorious day to be out and walking to our luncheon destination…we even sat outside on a little make-shift patio.

We got caught up…she mentioned that my former cube-mate requested that I bring a book back that I had borrowed from her months ago…that pissed me off…if the gal needed it so badly to pass on to someone else, why hadn’t she called or texted me to bring it back rather than passing it on through a friend…what a chicken-shit gal my former co-worker is…I kept my mouth shut and told my lunch buddy to tell the gal I would bring it and send it back with her next Friday. When I got back to the office, I sent the gal a text telling her I would bring it back next week and that she could have texted or called me if she needed it sooner than later…freaking lame!!! She responded that she hadn’t thought about it until someone mentioned I was working downtown again…seriously? Are you so full of shit you can’t be civil????

The office had pretty much cleared out of the attorneys by 4:00 p.m. so I turned on my iPod on my phone and tackled time entries…then, a phone call came through for one of my attorneys…I answered and low and behold it was the main attorney I worked for at the former office. After she had asked about whether or not the attorney she wanted to talk to was in, I informed her that it was me…she congratulated me and went on and on…we chatted for a little while, then she said she would catch the attorney next week. She congratulated me on the job again…I hung up and sat there. I got angry all over again, hurt, frustrated because there I sat in a job that I’m more than qualified for but no health insurance…I loved my former job…I loved working for that firm…the harder I tried to put it out of my head and return to the task at hand, the more I resented where I was at and the job I now hold.

To add insult to injury…at the end of the day, I walked out with the remaining, long-term gal…she had lunch with one of her best friends that works at my former firm…get this, her friend is the floater gal that got to stay employed at the firm even though her attorney didn’t want her sitting for him any more…she was allowed to go back into the floater pool. I was polite and didn’t indicate that I had no use for her friend…after all, her friend remains employed there with all the incredible health benefits and 401k contribution and such and there I am, now one of this gal’s co-workers at a no health insurance law firm…dear gawd, is this deal going to haunt me forever???? I have a feeling it’s only going to haunt me as long as I work in the downtown area…better yet, as long as I remain employed in the legal profession!!!!

While I am grateful to have a job…I am frustrated that it is what it is…such is life…I found myself really tired, emotionally spent last night…I found myself using the “hate” word with my former cube-mate…such a spineless, fat bitch!!!

Okay, enough…though the frustration continued last night when I attempted to purchase the pay-for-view OU game for this evening. It seems that I have the VERY basic cable TV connection that does not allow me to buy pay-for-view shows!!! WTF?????? For an additional $50.00 a month, I can have the little cable box feature that allows me to purchase PPV shows and telecasts…thanks, but NO, THANKS!!! I only want to watch an OU game once in a while when they are not televised otherwise…I don’t really want to go and hang out in a sports bar, but I may just have to see which ones have the game…or simply listen to it on the radio like I used to do before OU was on TV throughout most of the football season. How crazy is all that????? I swear, I HATE COX CABLE!!!! If I could find another TV and internet provider that could match what I have and make it even better and lower price, I would be on it!!! You know, I have now printed off my Cox bill and will carry it with so when those guys for the other companies are in Sam’s ask if I have cable or satellite, I can have them show me how much money they are going to save me for the same features I already have with COX!!!

Okay, this post sounds more like a Liza Rant rather than just sharing how wonderful the morning is dawning…it sounds like someone is having some sort of emotional bowel movement!!!

Time to get another cup of coffee…I really am planning on enjoying the long, holiday weekend!!!

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