Ready And Waiting…

One of my long-time, friends e-mailed me this morning wishing to enjoy some of my wonderful feminine wiles…what a perfect opportunity to release some of the pent up stress from my first week back in the work force!!!

I jumped in the shower, shaved my pussy smooth…I can’t help but get all wet and hot thinking of having my friend down between my legs…licking and kissing my freshly shaved puss…sucking on my tits…pushing my buttons, making me zoom…and yes, making me cum…more than likely, making me cum a couple of times!!!

Now, I’m sitting here all fresh and clean…red satin robe open and allowing the air to caress my body…oh yes, I will enjoy being pleasured and pleased…hopefully, my friend will be here soon…without getting ahead of myself, maybe, just maybe, I’m starting to get my “mojo” back!!!

Like I said, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself!!!

Ready and waiting…

3 thoughts on “Ready And Waiting…

  1. Yes I would say that you are defiantly getting your grove back.
    I was wondering if we were ever to see that wonderfully sexy prose that you are so so good at.

    Glad that you are regaining your former form!!

    Have fun

    • Slowly but surely I’m starting to get my “mojo” back…I just haven’t had it over the last six months…but I’m starting to show signs of erotic life again!!! Thanks for your kind and encouraging words!!!

  2. You are very welcome. As you may remember I have been going through a great deal of personal strife as well. I just lost my Father in March, along with relationship problems, and basically investigating every little nook and cranny of my psyche.

    So I totally get how you could loose that mojo of yours, I hardly felt like writing anything at all for the longest time. Just now am I coming to grips with things in my life again and feeling the urge to share… I really need to start an erotic website so I can get all of my horny urges out on the page. Alas my blog is a little vanilla for that right now.

    Anyways, still read you daily.
    Keep that chin up and know that you do have people here pulling for you.


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