Finally Friday!!!

Yes, it’s FINALLY Friday!!!  Nothing like waking up and finding the temperatures outside to be rather chilly…63 degrees!!!  We’re talking 40 degrees cooler than the hottest days of Summer!!!

It is supposed to warm up as the day unfolds…but, the temps are only supposed to get into the mid-80s…then a big dip tonight down into the 50s!!!  It is such a welcome relief after the heat we’ve had this past summer…I’m still trying to figure out how to pay my electric bill which was astronomical to me!!!

This is a long holiday weekend…I’m looking forward to resting my poor brain…I’ve had to really engage myself in my work and it has been a struggle…mostly because I know it will only get worse as I get acclimated to this primitive system of practicing law…the only good thing is that I’m working in Word 7…other than that, creating legal documents and letters the old fashioned way…though there is cutting and pasting!!!

I know it will get better as I get familiar with client names and matters…I’m hanging in there!!  One thing I am enjoying is how quiet it is most of the day.  Even when my young associate attorney blows in, usually in the afternoons because he’s off in one of the various courts in another county or where-ever depositions take him…things aren’t as crazy as they used to get at my old office.  One of the gals that sits near my cube left yesterday afternoon on vacation and won’t be back until around September 13th…the other gal was busy helping train her sister as the receptionist, that should be interesting…how much help will I get if I can’t figure something out?  Pretty much little to no help…I know more about the legal biz than both of them combine, just finding my way around the office and system…as I said, I know it will get better.

Walking group training last night was great…it was hot but the clouds had started rolling in so the sun wasn’t out in full force and effect!!!  I’m definitely going to like the downtown group better than fighting traffic and being in a total and complete panic by the time I get to the other walking group…this will work out great…especially with cooler temps on the way.

I’m going to see if I can get the pay-for-view of my Oklahoma Sooners for Saturday night.  I’m anxious to see how the team works together…though there isn’t a conference game until the OU/Texas game which is the first Saturday in October this year…I want to see how much progress has been made with the talent that is there.  Boomer Sooner!!!

Time for another cup of coffee and to hit the shower!!!  Have a great Friday and an even better Labor Day weekend!!!

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