Tired Thursday…

I’m so flipping mentally tired this morning…trying to get back into the groove of the law office, is proving a little more difficult than I anticipated.  It isn’t anything I can’t do, it’s just that I’m so out of practice.

I know I pretty much gave up on the state of mind, state of things on my desk when I found out there was no hope of retaining that job…I tuned out, turned off to anything pertinent with deadlines, calendaring and such…

Now, I’m getting a big dose of it from the young associate attorney they assigned to me.  He’s the “go-to” guy…just passed the bar a year ago…crazy, busy…nothing I can’t handle, I just found myself not wanting to handle it yesterday afternoon.  He’s got a quirky personality, nothing like the last nerd attorney that was completely and totally socially challenged…this one does have people skills, they just need to be worked on and refined.

I’ve got to get myself organized today…I got my new keyboard set up yesterday morning and that made a big difference for the comfort of my hands and wrists…now, I’ve got to go in and tackle my desk and stay on top of it so it doesn’t get away from me and I don’t get covered up…organization, that’s going to be the key element…

I’ve got walking group…I got permission to move myself to the downtown group…that way, I won’t be totally frazzled and over the edge by the time we start walking…why I thought I could fight the traffic to get home, change clothes and get to the starting point of the walking group out closer to my house, I’ll never know!!!  So, I’ll be returning to the downtown group this evening.  I’m actually looking forward to getting back into my walking and maybe, just maybe experiencing some cooler training temps than what we experienced over the course of the summer!!!

I miss having bagels on Friday…I’m sure this group would jump on it if I offered to bring them on Fridays…do I really want to start spoiling them so early in the game?  Maybe I’ll just go and get me some bagels for my “special” Friday breakfast for now.

Time to move along…I’ve got to get my walking group stuff packed, my hydration “kit” situated in my trunk so I have it ready and cooled by the time I head down to our starting destination.  Who knows, I may even get a fairly decent parking place if I am able to get down there earlier than I did this summer!!!

Have a great Thursday…I’m just about through my first work week on the new job!!!

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