Hump Day – Wednesday!

Wow, it’s already the 1st day of September…the first Wednesday of the month of September…Hump Day for the work week.

I’m on my own today as the gal I was replacing due to her retirement after 26-years, won’t be in today.  It was a bittersweet day…lots of hugs, tears…but now, the real deal begins!!!

I’m pretty sure I can handle whatever is thrown at me…I’m a bit disturbed over the health insurance/health savings account deal…basically, I won’t be covered under this plan until I’ve reached the $3000 deductible.  Which means that I won’t be able to continue my arthritis medication unless I can finance it on my own.  There is no co-pay…there’s only a deal where I can match the $40 a month the firm puts in the account designated to me/for me…I can contribute as much as I want to the account, but otherwise, that’s pretty much it as far as health coverage. I also have a pre-existing, auto-immune disease, which is rheumatoid arthritis, so, that’s going to exclude me from most of the benefits as well.

Let’s just say, I’m working again but I still have no health insurance coverage…so, I will just do my best to remain healthy the next couple of years, keep looking for a job that has decent health insurance, if there is such a thing any more…and maybe in a couple of years when my car is paid off, I’ll be able to pay for my own comprehensive, fully covered, health insurance.  Such is life!!

I had to go and buy my own keyboard…I can’t work on the little straight keyboard that is currently at that desk…I’ve been using the curved keyboard for the pay 10-years, so I’ve been having a real difficult time typing the last couple of days…mission accomplished, I found a great, new, curved keyboard at Office Depot last night…there wasn’t any way I was going to sit and listen to the President’s speech last night…just nothing he can say that is anything I want to hear…especially on the topic of war and our troops.  And from what I gathered from the news reports last night and this morning…really wouldn’t have been worth the 19-minutes!!

So, I’m trying to get awake and functioning to get in the shower…it lightening and thundered through out the night…even rained some, still sprinkling now…so, maybe it will be a cloudy, rainy day…which is always easier to be in the office getting things accomplished.

Time for another cup of coffee and get the day underway…have a great Hump Day!!!

One thought on “Hump Day – Wednesday!

  1. Every time I read a post about American Health Care it gets my blood boiling. I really wish that you all could have decent free coverage like we do here.

    Glad to see otherwise that you’re getting on in your new work setting. Hope it turns out to be a hidden jem of a job for you.
    You really deserve a break after everything you’ve been through.

    Chin Up

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