I’m trying to get awake enough to get around and make it to my second day on the new job.  I really can’t say if I like the job or not…it doesn’t seem too much for me other than it was really weird being in a different office across from my old firm…

Chaos pretty much reigned over the new firm yesterday and trying to figure out how I fit into it all…I don’t know, I was overwhelmed with the newness of everything…

Then I went to my first evening of the new walking group session…I hadn’t hydrated properly so I felt like shit…even though I kept up with the 16:10 mile pace…I still feel like hammered shit this morning and I know it’s because I pushed too hard, too soon.  I did find out that I should stick to the downtown group rather than the group out by my house…the 5:00 p.m. traffic is horrendous and that added to the harried state of mind I was in when I got to the starting point.  So, I’m going to wait until Thursday and go to the downtown group and see if it work better for me…not having to rush home to change and then out to the store where we start was just too much mentally for me…especially yesterday, the first day on the job.

So, verdict is out…I think I’ll be able to handle the desk…I’m still trying to figure out if I can afford to work at this firm because of the health insurance plan…it’s one of those health savings’ accounts and right now, it isn’t looking good with regard to being able to afford my arthritis medication on this plan…I may be looking for another job if this is the case…but I’m wondering, how many other businesses are having to cut way back on their health insurance benefits in order to afford anything at all?

It will be a stressful day because today is the last day for the gal that is retiring and whose place I’m taking.  She’s been with the attorney for 26-years…she’s very nice, a difficult person to follow, but I think I can do it…we’ll see…like I said, the verdict is still out.

Time to finish my coffee and start thinking about betting into the shower.  Have a great Tuesday, which is also the last day of the month…for some folks, this might even be a pay-day!!!

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